Backhoe Loaders

For industries ranging from general construction and demolition to landscaping, road maintenance and repair, a backhoe loader is a versatile tool for maximizing productivity. Whether you have a short-term job or are temporarily operating on a limited budget, the rental market provides a way to get the heavy equipment you require on demand. If you’re searching for a reliable source to rent a backhoe loader in Connecticut, New York and areas beyond, H.O. Penn is your local provider with the best quality, service and selection in the region.

420F2/420F2 IT Backhoe Loader

Net Power – SAE J1349
93 hp
Dig Depth – Standard
14.3 ft
Operating Weight – Maximum
24251 lb
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430F2/430F2 IT Backhoe Loader

Net Power – SAE J1349
108 hp
Dig Depth – Standard
15.4 ft
Operating Weight – Maximum
24251 lb
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450F Backhoe Loader

Net Power - SAE J1349
127.0 hp
Dig Depth - Standard
17.2 ft
Operating Weight - Maximum
27115.0 lb
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We’re an authorized Cat dealership specializing in cost-effective solutions that help your business increase productivity and lower operating expenses. Our complete line of Cat backhoe loaders for rent provides impressive performance in digging, trenching, backfilling and material handling applications. When you rent Cat backhoe loaders, you benefit from:

  • Precise handling capabilities in a variety of environments and terrains.
  • Productivity working in tight and confined spaces.
  • Versatility to simultaneously handle multiple applications.
  • Improved operator safety, comfort and performance.
  • Exceptional fuel efficiency and easy serviceability.

Why Rent Cat Backhoe Loaders From H.O. Penn?

When you’re in the market for backhoe loader rentals in New York and Connecticut, nobody does it better than H.O. Penn. We carry an extensive inventory of Cat backhoe loaders and loader attachments to ensure you get the right equipment configured to meet your specific needs. We offer:

  • Industry-leading product knowledge and ongoing support.
  • Low-hour backhoe rentals maintained for peak operating performance.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly contracts based on your project requirements.
  • Convenient locations to rent a backhoe loader throughout Connecticut and NY.

Get in Touch With Us About Backhoe Loader Rentals

New York and Connecticut businesses benefit from fast, convenient and cost-effective backhoe loader rentals from H.O. Penn. Whether you have a one-time job, lack the storage space to maintain a large fleet or are simply focused on controlling spending, our Cat backhoe loaders for rent make good sense for your business. Give us a call, submit an information request form or stop by one of our convenient locations today to rent a backhoe loader in New York and Connecticut!


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