2019 Caterpillar Operator Challenge

It’s time to put your skills to the ultimate test. The Caterpillar Operator Challenge is back, bigger than ever.   Compete at our local event for the chance to represent H.O. Penn at the Caterpillar Operator Challenge Regional competition.  Contestants will be tested on their speed and skill on a Cat Mini Excavator 308.

Rules and Procedures:

A Cat Mini Excavator will be set up with a thumb and bucket. Surrounding it will be 3 balls set atop cones on one side, and 3 buckets on the other.

The object will be to pick up each ball using the thumb and bucket, and then place it into a container on the opposite side. Points will be awarded for the ball picked up, and which bucket it is dropped into. Time will also be recorded as the tie-breaker for those tallying the same score.



  • 5 points for picking up golf ball
  • 3 points for picking up softball
  • 1 point for picking up chuckit ball
  • 5 points for dropping ball into 1 gallon bucket
    • For chuckit ball placing it on top
  • 3 points for dropping ball into 5 gallon bucket
  • 1 point for dropping ball into drum


  • $500 to winner with chance to represent HO Penn at regional finals in October (only participants who reside or work in H.O. Penn’s territory are eligible to represent H.O. Penn at the finals)(Only eligible to win one event)
  • Can only attempt one of each ball – therefore max points would be 24
  • In case of tie total time will be tie breaker
  • Three minutes maximum time to complete
  • One only attempt per operator
  • Must be 18 or over
  • Tracks must not move
  • If knock cone or bucket over loss of 2 points

*H.O. Penn reserves the right to alter rules and procedures up until the day of the event. Decisions of H.O. Penn officials are final.