Paving Seminar

 Paving Crew training seminar with Terry Humphrey

Terry Humphrey leads a two day paving seminar to help you get the most from your paving techniques. There are three options for dates and location December 3/4 in Connecticut or December 10/11 in Long Island or April 1-2,2020 in Bloomingburg, NY. The cost is $399/attendee. Please fill out the form below to register and an H.O. Penn Representative will reach out for credit card payment information.

Tentative Agenda for Paving Operations Seminar


Day One – Asphalt Paving

0800-0900                 Paving Principles and Techniques

0900-0930                 Paving by the Numbers (take-off procedures)

0930-0945                 Break

0945-1100                 Understanding Mat Defects

1100-1200                 Principles of Grade and Slope Control

1200-1300                 Lunch

1300-1400                 The World is not Flat (paving uphill, wide-width, supers)

1400-1500                 Smoothness Research and Studies

1500-1515                 Break

1515-1600                 3-D Paving at Corvette Museum Rally Course

1600-1645                 Quiz, Review and Wrap-up


Day Two – Asphalt Compaction


0800-1000                 Fundamentals of Asphalt Compaction

1000-1015                 Break

1015-1100                 Transverse and Longitudinal Joint Compaction

1100-1130                 How Compaction Affects Smoothness

1130-1200                 Pneumatic Compactor Selection and Set-up

1200-1300                 Lunch

1300-1345                 Boston Logan Airport: Production and Density Goals

1345-1430                 I-88 Job Study:  Working Around the Tender Zone

1430-1445                 Break

1445-1515                 Hwy 287 Job Study:  Echelon Rolling and Tender Zone

1515-1545                 Introduction to Intelligent Compaction

1545-1630                 Quiz, Review and Wrap-up