Paving Seminar


Paving Crew training seminar with Industry Expert Terry Humphrey

Terry Humphrey leads a two day paving seminar to help you get the most from your paving techniques. The Paving Seminar will be April 1-2,2020 in Bloomingburg, NY. The cost is $399/attendee. Please fill out the form below to register and an H.O. Penn Representative will reach out for credit card payment information.

About Terry Humphrey: 

Terry Humphrey is a world renowned paving expert and training consultant. After a 35-year career with Caterpillar, Terry retired from full-time service in August 2008, having spent the last ten years as Training Manager for Caterpillar Paving Products.  He continues to support the world-wide Cat Dealer network as a training consultant.  During his career with Caterpillar, Mr. Humphrey held a variety of marketing and training positions and was involved with the asphalt paving industry for 25 years.  He is the author of many articles dealing with quality control issues for asphalt paving and compaction and is a frequent speaker at asphalt pavement associations.

Agenda for Paving Operations Seminar

Day One – Asphalt Paving

0800-0900                 Paving Principles and Techniques

0900-0930                 Paving by the Numbers (take-off procedures)

0930-0945                 Break

0945-1100                 Understanding Mat Defects

1100-1200                 Principles of Grade and Slope Control

1200-1300                 Lunch

1300-1400                 The World is not Flat (paving uphill, wide-width, supers)

1400-1500                 Smoothness Research and Studies

1500-1515                 Break

1515-1600                 3-D Paving at Corvette Museum Rally Course

1600-1645                 Quiz, Review and Wrap-up


Day Two – Asphalt Compaction


0800-1000                 Fundamentals of Asphalt Compaction

1000-1015                 Break

1015-1100                 Transverse and Longitudinal Joint Compaction

1100-1130                 How Compaction Affects Smoothness

1130-1200                 Pneumatic Compactor Selection and Set-up

1200-1300                 Lunch

1300-1345                 Boston Logan Airport: Production and Density Goals

1345-1430                 I-88 Job Study:  Working Around the Tender Zone

1430-1445                 Break

1445-1515                 Hwy 287 Job Study:  Echelon Rolling and Tender Zone

1515-1545                 Introduction to Intelligent Compaction

1545-1630                 Quiz, Review and Wrap-up