E1389 – Aftertreatment #1 SCR Operator Inducement

This code is an inducement associated with an emissions system fault. The engine is derated, limited to low idle, and can experience 5 minute rolling shutdowns.

Probable Causes – Codes in the “Selective Catalyst Reduction System” ECM

An E1389 or 5246 code will come active with another associated code in the “Selective Catalyst Reduction System” ECM.

Prevent Failures Before They Happen

Inducement is defined as something that helps bring about an action or a desired result.

The purpose of SCR inducement codes are to alert the operator that the emissions system requires service or repair.

Inducements can be engine derates, vehicle speed limits, system lockouts, or any other action intended to prompt the operator in performing repair or maintenance on the emissions control system.

Inducement strategies are required by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Air Resources Board (ARB) to ensure the rapid repair of various failures in the engine emissions control system. The EPA/ARB requires control actions that Limit Engine Performance (Engine Derate) and prompt Warning Indicators (Lamps, Messages, Audible Alarms) while operator inducements are active.








If a fault condition goes unresolved for the entire duration of inducement level, the strategy escalates to the next level of inducement code.

An audible alarm will begin to sound 20 seconds prior to the Level 3 inducement.

  • The CEL and EMIL will flash at a faster rate and a red stop lamp will illuminate solid.
  • The engine will have a 100 percent derate and be limited to low idle.
  • If the final inducement action in the electronic service tool is set to “Idle Down”, then engine will continue to idle at derated condition.
  • If set to “Shutdown”, engine will shut down after 5 minutes. The engine may be restarted, but will only run for 5 minutes at derated condition before shutting down again. This action will continue until the issue is resolved.

The Root Cause

These escalating time Operator Inducements will always have an associated fault code along with the inducement fault code. The associated fault is the root cause. The escalating time inducement fault code is just an indicator of what level of inducement the engine is in and how much time remains until the next level of inducement. (The times for each level of inducement may vary depending on the first occurrence or repeat occurrence).

Your machine’s onboard diagnostic system is designed to notify you when something is wrong.


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