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Fleet Management, Your Way.

You’re always looking for ways to work more efficiently. Cat Connect helps you match the technology and solutions to the work you do. For jobs of any size and machines and assets of any brand, you’ll get the information you need to manage your fleet and maximize productivity.

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Make sure your team and your equipment get through every day safe and secure. Cat Connect lets you be more vigilant, even when you’re far from the action. learn how it can help you move people out of harm’s way, keep operators focused on their work, and prevent unauthorized use of equipment.

What is Cat Connect?

An intelligent suite of hardware, software and services. A toolkit from which you can select the technology or services you need.

You Don’t Have To Be a Technology Expert to get started. Simply determine what’s causing your operation the most pain. From there, we’ll work with you to identify – and implement – the technology or service that can help you alleviate that pain, fast. Cat Connect tools are scalable, so you can start with just what you need and add on when it makes sense for your operation.

Profits going up in smoke? Excessive idle time can send your profits floating out the exhaust stack. Monitor your entire fleet in VisionLink to identify opportunities for increased production. Reduce idle time to lower operating and maintenance costs, increase equipment resale value, and limit impact on the environment.

Do you have multiple brands and types of equipment? No problem. Caterpillar has hardware and software to enable equipment managers to connect all of their assets – from the largest earthmover to the smallest work tool attachment, including both light and heavy-duty trucks and utility vehicles.

Had enough of paper inspections? Save time and money by using Cat Inspect to electronically document, submit, and log your preventative maintenance and operator daily inspections. Fully electronic and integrated into VisionLink, you can kiss that stack of forms goodbye.

Drowning in data? With VisionLink, you can efficiently view the data that’s important to you. Easily set up customized machine health or operator induced alerts to be sent via email or text.

Make More Money. 

Fuel burn. Material overruns. Rework. Component wear. Insurance coverage. On today’s jobsites, expenses just keep adding up – and up and up. Drive them down with Cat Connect. Discover how it can help you minimize waste, errors, idle time, excessive wear, and the costs associated with equipment damage and lost time.


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