H.O. Penn Power Systems is your full service provider for Cat® power systems for power generation and industrial applications. We have both diesel and natural gas and propane Cat commercial generators for sale for New York and Connecticut customers.

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H.O. Penn has power generation service for any application. Our extensive experience in standby, prime power, and load management systems will assure the best available solution for your electric power requirements. Please call us at (631) 758-7500, and a power system professional will assist you.

Cat Generators for Sale

Cat commercial generators have long represented the industry standard for power generation. H.O. Penn is proud to be the exclusive supplier of Cat industrial generators for sale in Connecticut and lower New York. Our team can help you analyze your needs and select the appropriate Cat industrial generator. We also offer service, including installations and load-banking, repairs, rentals and more. We can design a power generation system for any application. Our clients include the following:

  • Airports
  • Sports Arenas
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Educational Facilities
  • Telecommunications & Data Centers
  • Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities
  • Commercial Office Buildings and Banking
  • Hotels & Apartment Buildings
  • Radio & Television Companies

Planned or Unplanned Are You Ready?

H.O. Penn and Hurricane Sandy

When Hurricane Sandy struck the East Coast in October 2012, the H.O. Penn power generation team was one of the first responders, providing on-the-ground expertise and Cat generators to aid in rescue and relief efforts. All told, our team put in a round-the-clock effort, using our entire fleet of 145 generator sets to deliver over 100MW of power. During a 2013 ceremony in which the US Defense Logistics Agency issued a special commendation to Caterpillar® for its contribution to relief efforts, the team at H.O. Penn was specifically singled out for its “professionalism, commitment and support on the ground.”

Time and again, Cat generators have been proven to deliver, both in extraordinary circumstances and in the day-to-day. Whatever your needs are, shop the selection of Cat generators for sale in New York’s H.O. Penn and get the confidence only the world’s best products provide.


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