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H.O. Penn Paving provides not just the equipment you require, but the skills you need to perform your paving jobs above and beyond expectations.



  • Modeled after the popular Production Calculator on CD
  • Metric and U.S. measurements
  • Save specs for each job for later reference
  • Email job summaries from your device

The Paving Production Calculator is a tool for asphalt paving professionals to plan their paving jobs by helping to estimate trucking needs, paving speeds, compaction and other factors. The calculator can help optimize the job site, reducing inefficiency and contributing to smoothness.


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Top-Notch Technical and Training Services Are Also Available

Knowing how to use your paving equipment correctly is essential for getting the best results and keeping your job sites safe. Our training and technical solutions will help you optimize machine performance and improve the efficiency of your operators. Technical services include classroom and field simulation capabilities with factory training in our Bloomingburg Training Facility.

Your team will learn the basics of grade and slope automation, as well as machine control and guidance concepts. Training is ideal for paving supervisors and crew members, along with your in-house training and technical and support staff.

Check out the new CB10 Oscillating Roller

Check out the 2021 Utility Compactor Summary PDF below

Utility Compactors Summary 2021 NA QESQ2887

To request a Paving By The Numbers Sticker, click here and send us your contact information.

Marty Callahan
Technology Solutions/Paving Products Sales Manager

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If you’re looking for high-quality paving equipment for sale or rent in southern New York or Connecticut, H.O. Penn is here for your equipment needs! We’ll also be there to provide timely preventive maintenance and repair work to maximize your machines’ uptime and lengthen their lifespan. You’ll receive the same high level of service that we’ve been known for throughout the region since 1923.

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