Light Construction Rentals

Compact Construction Equipment for Rent in New York and Connecticut

If you’re looking for compact construction equipment to handle demanding projects at the job site, we’re here to help. Partner with H.O. Penn as your trusted Cat® dealer for compact construction equipment (CCE) to deliver optimized power with a smaller footprint. You can rent this versatile equipment in a wide range of configurations and get robust performance for your daily work.

Let us help you find the right solutions for your specific applications with our broad inventory of light construction equipment options.

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Cat® Compact Construction Equipment Rentals

Lightweight and small in size, CCE is highly efficient and can tackle a wide range of tasks for you. These machines are versatile and adaptable to your needs while saving on operational costs. From track loaders to mini excavators, you can get reliable small construction equipment to take on your most demanding tasks while saving on storage space requirements and maintaining productivity.

If you’re looking for compact construction equipment for rent, we’re here to help. Partner with H.O. Penn to find rugged, dependable products for wide-ranging applications at your work site.

Advantages of Compact Construction Equipment

When you rent compact construction equipment, you can gain several key advantages for your operations, including:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Easy transportation

Types of CCE Equipment Available

At H.O. Penn, we offer an extensive inventory of Caterpillar rental products. You have several different options to meet your specific applications.

Compact Wheel Loaders

For material handling and earthmoving, compact wheel loaders can deliver top-tier performance. This versatile equipment is highly reliable and can address a wide range of applications. A compact wheel loader offers a durable design with heavy-duty wiring and axles, as well as compatibility with a range of attachments and tools to meet various operational needs.

The compact wheel loader is intuitively designed and user-friendly, offering an operator station designed for maximum comfort. Features include ergonomic controls, adjustable seating and advanced electro-hydraulic systems to maximize productivity and reduce operator fatigue.

Mini Excavators

From landscaping to residential construction, mini excavators deliver wide-ranging capabilities for your operations. Portable and easy to maneuver, this equipment includes a comfortable cab with ergonomic design features to decrease operator fatigue. High-resolution LCD monitors provide extensive visibility for safe and efficient operations.

You can adapt the mini excavator to your applications with a broad selection of tools and attachments that expand its capabilities. These excavators also feature air-to-air aftercoolers and highly fuel-efficient engines to help reduce emissions and smoke. You’ll get optimized productivity, precision, control and durability with this equipment.

Small Dozers

A small dozer can provide robust performance with high maneuverability when you’re managing finish grading and backfilling applications. Small dozers can navigate tough terrain efficiently and reliably with a tracked undercarriage built for demanding environments. You can select from traction control and automatic grade control technology options for optimized precision. The equipment’s user-friendly cab helps reduce operator fatigue, so you can get more done every day.

With fuel-efficient engines, your equipment can deliver optimal performance day in and day out while running on less. Its exceptional efficiency and cost-effectiveness can help you get more done on the job.

Small Wheel Loaders

Small wheel loaders are optimized for loading loose materials such as gravel and lumber. They deliver exceptional maneuverability and reliability for your applications. Designed for operator comfort, efficiency and safety, this equipment offers cleaner and quieter operation with maximum performance. You’ll get increased operational flexibility with these versatile machines that promote peak productivity on the job.

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If you’d like more information on compact equipment rental, the H.O. Penn team is here to help. We offer rental equipment at several locations throughout NY and CT.

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