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Data center generators and components are crucial for backup power and data protection. With a reliable data center generator, you can protect sensitive information and reduce equipment downtime in a power outage. Factors like severe weather and power outages can put your company’s equipment and reputation at risk, but advanced power generation supplies the energy your systems need.

High-quality backup generators and advanced components rapidly transfer power from a faulty system to an alternate solution, preventing operational delays and ensuring your information remains safe.

The Importance of Data Center Backup Power

The Importance of Data Center Backup Power

Backup power is crucial for data centers because the following factors and occurrences can cause networking complications or data loss.

Power Outages

A data center’s equipment depends on electricity. Your network goes down if you lose power, placing your stored data at risk of loss or compromise. Backup generators can detect when your essential equipment loses power and automatically kick in to restore equipment functioning. Cyberattacks could cause the U.S. electrical grid to fail for extended periods, making power generation equipment crucial.

Natural Disasters

Backup power is an essential investment if your data center is in an area prone to severe weather. High winds, storms and flooding can cause systems to lose power. A backup generator reduces the risk of losing equipment functioning and data in a natural disaster like a hurricane.

Equipment Wear or Damage

Backup generators are also beneficial when your primary power equipment requires maintenance or replacement. Repairing or installing a power source or system component can be time-consuming, and having backup power allows you to keep your systems operating while your primary power source is under maintenance.

Benefits of Data Center Backup Generators

A data center backup generator provides multiple significant advantages.

Significant Cost Savings

Losing power can cost a data center thousands or millions of dollars per hour. Backup power reduces equipment downtime, ensuring your business remains operational if your main power source malfunctions or requires a replacement. With a backup power source, your team can still access data and continue working during a blackout.

Risk Mitigation and Security

When you store and manage sensitive information, you must take every precaution to ensure it remains private and secure. Backup power systems prevent data loss and protect it from hacking attempts.

Even a partial system failure can cause a company to lose data or encounter a security risk. A backup power source is essential even if your facility never experiences a complication.

Data Center Power Solutions

Power systems can protect your company’s and clients’ sensitive data. Consider enhancing your data center with the following types of power generation equipment.

Diesel and Gas Generators

Diesel and Gas Generators

Diesel and gas backup generators are excellent power sources. Diesel generators typically offer maximum efficiency and long life spans, while gas generators have lower emissions.

Your company’s ideal backup power source depends on your needs and budget. Diesel generators typically have a higher upfront cost than gas generators, but they can provide more power with less fuel and usually have fewer maintenance needs. Gas generators have shorter life spans with a lower upfront cost and provide quality backup power to support systems.

Load Banks

A load bank simulates and tests a power source’s performance. You can use a load bank to test a primary or backup generator or battery to ensure it is in top condition and can meet your power needs if necessary. A load bank applies an artificial power load to a power source, enabling you to evaluate the source’s capacity and performance. With this tool, you can identify and address faulty electrical systems or components to prevent complications.

Distribution Boxes and Cables

Distribution boxes and cables are also essential for data centers. High-quality distribution boxes and cables ensure your primary and backup power sources can effectively deliver power to your systems.

Transfer Switches

Transfer switches enable backup power sources to take over when primary power sources fail or malfunction. An automatic transfer switch is the best option for data centers because it shifts the load from a primary power source to its backup source as soon as it senses a power failure. Installing an automatic switch prevents delays in power availability, protecting your systems and data from downtime and potential loss.

Liquid Chillers

Liquid chillers improve computer systems’ operational efficiency. Quality chillers cool equipment to prevent it from overheating, avoiding malfunctions and helping systems operate properly without using excessive power.

Circuit Breakers

A circuit breaker protects a data center from electrical complications and overloads. Advanced technology enables circuit breakers to respond immediately to electrical faults, eliminating delays and instantly switching to backup power. A solid-state circuit breaker’s swift response time reduces equipment downtime and the risk of damage or data loss.

Should I Purchase or Rent Backup Power Equipment?

You can buy or rent power generation equipment for your data center. Rental equipment is an excellent option for temporary or short-term needs, but purchasing backup power equipment is typically the best option for data centers that store and protect information long-term.

Find High-Quality Power Solutions From H.O. Penn Machinery

Backup power is essential for data centers. Power outages, inclement weather and equipment wear place companies at risk of sensitive data loss or compromise, but quality backup power provides the energy needed to protect data. Equipping your data center with a reliable backup generator and essential power generation components will give you priceless peace of mind.

H.O. Penn Machinery offers various power generation equipment such as Cat® generators, breakers, switchgear, liquid chillers, load banks, distribution boxes and cables. We have a vast inventory of natural gas and diesel generators you can rent or purchase depending on your needs. We also strive to help you stay within your budget with cost-effective used equipment and brand-new machines and components. You can upgrade a generator with auto start and stop controls and dual voltage for maximum potential.

H.O. Penn offers dependable Cat backup power solutions to protect your data center in a power outage or weather-related emergency. We also offer maintenance and repair services to keep your equipment in top shape. Contact us to learn more about our product catalog, find the perfect machine for your data center or schedule a service.

Find High-Quality Power Solutions From H.O. Penn Machinery

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