Facility Management

Facility Management

Whether you manage a school, a manufacturing plant, an airport or something else entirely, you’ll need many tools to get the job done. H.O. Penn offers an extensive catalog of new, used and rental options from Cat® and other trusted brands. From backup power to earthmoving machinery, quality equipment can keep operations running smoothly.

Backed by our experienced team and repair services, H.O. Penn is a full-service provider for facility managers throughout Southern New York and Connecticut.

Facility Management Equipment Options

Facility management equipment is nimble and maneuverable, making short work of tasks like picking up leaves and building new structures. You can easily fit in small spaces, like the corner of a warehouse, or cover more ground when pushing snow off the parking lot. If you need to move materials or earth, you can use machinery such as compact wheel loaders, mini excavators and skid steer loaders in many scenarios. They’ll support utility repairs, landscaping tasks, material handling and much more.

Pair your equipment with attachments for facility management, which can expand your capabilities to meet the task at hand. For example, you could handle outdoor tasks with a snow plow in the winter, switch to a backhoe for spring landscaping and use a broom to sweep leaves away in the winter. Other options include buckets, flail mowers, forks and grapples.

Reliable attachments are an excellent way to do more with your work tools and meet the demands of various facility management jobs without spending more on an entirely new piece of equipment.

Power Generation for Facility Management

Keep things moving when the power goes out with gas and diesel power generation equipment. Support necessary operations, like refrigeration and essential equipment, during scheduled maintenance or emergencies. Reliable equipment can help with everything from powering mission-critical resources in a hospital to avoiding escalating costs from manufacturing downtime.

Our knowledgeable team can help, whether you need to stay prepared or quickly respond to an outage. Skilled consultants can design comprehensive commercial power systems for businesses like airports, arenas, hospitals and manufacturing plants.

Our expertise also encompasses storm relief services, and we’ve helped many New York organizations prepare for and respond to these weather emergencies, including Hurricane Sandy. We offer 24-hour service and turnkey rental solutions to give you excellent peace of mind and can continue operating normally no matter the weather conditions.

At H.O. Penn, we offer Cat power generators with simple setup options and up to 2,000 kW of power. You can choose from various generator sizes to suit your specific power requirements. We have solutions to suit any regulatory environment, whether you’re powering a small facility or a massive commercial operation.

Our power generation equipment is easy to maintain with low fuel consumption to help reduce your operating expenses. You can depend on us for around-the-clock service, reliable replacement parts and effective maintenance plans to power your operations when it matters most.

Generator and Equipment Rentals

Renting facility management equipment is an excellent solution for work crews that complete infrequent or varied jobs. You can avoid the purchase, upkeep and storage costs of buying a generator or machine you rarely use. Rentals are a perfect fit for this industry’s changing and seasonal nature.

Here are a few reasons facility managers often rent equipment instead of buying it.

  • Lower costs: Renting machinery means you won’t have the expenses of depreciation or maintenance, which can affect the return on investment for an equipment purchase. Use your budget on more valuable things.
  • Precise selection: Get what you need without high acquisition costs by renting equipment according to the job. You can find correctly sized machinery that matches varying tasks. For example, you can avoid oversizing if you only need a generator for a small project.
  • Space savings: When you rent, you don’t need to clear space for the long-term storage of another piece of equipment.
  • Reduced tax burden: Rentals aren’t liabilities, so they can minimize your tax burden and help you save.
  • Flexibility: Rentals let you quickly get an effective tool if your needs change. You can adapt to your facility’s evolving requirements without the hassles of buying and selling.

When you rent power generation equipment, you can choose from our diesel-powered single-unit mobile generators, and you have the option to parallel multiple units to meet your facility’s requirements. We offer sound-attenuated, trailered units with onboard fuel tanks, dual voltage and auto start/stop controls. Our catalog has plenty of additional resources like load banks, liquid chillers, cables and distribution boxes and transfer switches. Cat generator rentals are ideal for applications like temporary workspaces, special events, remote sites and disaster recovery efforts.

For earthmoving and material handling, consider renting compact construction equipment from our large fleet. We also sell new and used construction equipment if you need something larger or to accommodate longer projects.

How H.O. Penn Serves Facility Managers

H.O. Penn works with facility managers in various capacities to support businesses in everything from routine maintenance to emergency repairs. Here are some examples of facilities and equipment we help with.

  • Schools and business campuses: Give students and workers a productive environment with a beautiful campus and well-maintained buildings. Equipment like skid steers and compact wheel loaders pair well with attachments for landscaping, building maintenance tasks and cleaning snow off walkways. Generators can help keep necessary buildings, like dining halls and dorms, open during severe weather.
  • Manufacturing plants: These facilities demand reliability. You can create a dependable workplace with machinery for building maintenance, equipment cleaning, material handling and power generation. You might also use work tools to access areas and perform safety testing.
  • Hospitals: Safe, trustworthy facilities are crucial for providing a healthy environment for patients. Power generation is crucial for ensuring patient safety by running essential equipment at all times. Hospital facility managers might use cleaning and snow removal equipment to clear walkways and landscaping equipment for campus upkeep. Equipment options can also help with renovation projects to adapt to changing technology.
  • Hotels and apartment buildings: Give residents and guests a high-quality experience with tools to help with odd jobs like repairs and updates. Keep landscapes looking pristine and provide clear parking lots and walkways. A dependable generator can eliminate long outages for a significant competitive advantage.
  • Airports, sporting arenas and other high-traffic areas: Providing security, safety and cleanliness for these large spaces usually requires powerful tools. Keep visitors safe throughout the process with reliable power and equipment for tasks like facility upkeep and landscaping.

Whichever building you manage, the right tools are essential for minimizing costs and maximizing operational performance.

Contact H.O. Penn for Facility Management Equipment Solutions

As you strive to keep your facility safe and updated, the pros at H.O. Penn are here to help. With a vast equipment selection and a highly experienced team, we’re proud to be a trusted one-stop shop for New York and Connecticut businesses.

Reach out to us today to learn more about our facility management equipment and how H.O. Penn can help with your work.

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