Cat® Certified Rebuild

Extend the Life of Your Caterpillar Equipment with a Certified Rebuild

A Cat machine is the best investment in productivity you can make, and there is a way to improve it – a Cat Certified Rebuild. When most competitive models would require replacement, Cat equipment can be rebuilt to deliver a cost-effective “second life.”

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Cat Machines Are “Built To Be Rebuilt”

The extensive Cat Certified Rebuild program incorporates the latest critical engineering updates into your machine at a fraction of the cost of buying a new one. After a thorough evaluation, including more than 350 tests and inspections, and the automatic replacement of approximately 7,000 parts, you get a like-new machine and warranty. As you’d expect, our quality standards are just as stringent the second time because only trained dealer service professionals and Genuine Cat Parts are used to completing a Cat Certified Rebuild.

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Cat Certified Rebuild (CCR) Program Step by Step:

  • Inspection/Evaluation – The condition of the machine is thoroughly inspected. This includes SOS Fluid Analysis, inspecting attachments, and reviewing maintenance and service records.
  • Disassembly – The machine is completely disassembled down to the basic machine frame. All parts are carefully inspected and measured against the Caterpillar Parts Reusability Guidelines. Certain parts (including hoses, belts, seals, gaskets, bearings, knobs, wiring, switches, and gauges) are replaced with new ones.
  • Reconditioning – Frames are examined, straightened, reinforced, and welded when necessary. Worn linkage pins and shaft bearings are replaced, and hydraulic systems are returned to their original performance and reliability levels.
  • Engineering Updates – Certain engineering improvements and updates may have been made since the original manufacturing of the machine. Many of these improvements will be incorporated into the machine when it is reassembled.
  • Engine/Transmission Tests – The engine, transmission, and torque converter are completely disassembled, inspected, reconditioned, and updated to Cat Certified Rebuild Standards. Each component is thoroughly bench tested before installation in the machine.
  • Reassembly – Critical clearances and pressure settings are all maintained and recorded.
  • Performance Testing – All critical systems are tested to verify that they meet stringent rebuild specifications. All tests are periodically audited by Caterpillar to ensure the finished product meets Cat standards.
  • Repainting – The entire machine is painted, and new identifying graphics are applied, resulting in a new-looking machine.
  • New Serial Number – A new serial number identifies the machine and certifies it has completed the rebuild process. The rebuilt machine carries a like-new machine warranty.
  • Customer Evaluation – The rebuild process is complete when the customers are satisfied with the machine’s reliability, productivity, and availability as it operates in their working environment.

Choose from 3 Levels to fit your fleet management needs:

Level 1 – Cat Certified Machine Component

Level 2 – Cat Certified Power Train Rebuild

Level 3 Complete Certified Rebuild (CCR)

Financing Your Rebuild With the Cat Card

A Cat® Certified Rebuild returns your equipment to like-new condition at a fraction of the price of buying new. Financing your rebuild has never been easier with the Cat® Card.

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Equipment Types & Models We Rebuild

H.O. Penn can offer Cat Certified Rebuilds on the following equipment types and models.

Track-Type TractorsWheel LoadersMotor GradersTrack-Type LoadersScrapersOff-Highway Trucks

What our customers are saying!

It’s like getting a new machine without paying the price for a new machine.
Paying 50-55% of new for a Cat Certified 950G fits my budget and comes with a warranty and attractive financing. Plus, our operator benefits from a like new machine in the same size class and technology that he is accustomed to.”

– L.J. Grillo, Grillo Services

H.O. Penn communicated with me during each phase of the rebuild process.
They turned my tired 330BL Cat excavator into a like new machine without paying the new machine price. They completely rebuilt my hydraulic system and power train, replaced every hose and re-painted the entire machine. It looks brand new. I was also very pleased with the interest-free financing, extended warranty and maintenance plan.”

– Jim Garito, Garito Contracting

“This Caterpillar road grader looks brand new. But it’s really 27 years old.
Instead of buying a new one at a cost to taxpayers of $185,000, we refurbished the one we had. We spent $85,000 to make this 1989 model look and perform like new — saving taxpayers $100,000.”

– David Douglas, Rockland County Government

Certified Rebuilds From H.O. Penn


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