Professional landscaping equipment is essential in the industry. With the right machines, you can complete virtually any task.

Small Dozers

These crawler dozers are ideal for residential construction performing such tasks as clearing and grading lots, sloping the sides of roads, back-filling, and final grade work for landscaping and driveway construction.


Superior design and advanced features combine to give Cat Telehandlers the best all-around visibility and take the lead in lift and reach capability. Top performance, rugged construction for reliability and durability with low operating costs.

Compact Track Loaders

A track loader’s superior traction makes it perfect for landscaping rough terrain or areas with steep slopes. They are also beneficial on soft ground. Track loaders are less maneuverable than skid steers, but specific types can move across soft ground without tearing surfaces.

Skid Steer Loaders

A skid steer is a versatile, lightweight and easily maneuverable piece of equipment with various digging capabilities. They have four wheels and two arms that hold various attachments for different purposes. You can perform many landscaping jobs with a skid steer.

Mini Hydraulic Excavators

A mini excavator is a more compact version of an excavator. Since mini excavators are compact and have rotating cabs, they can reach tight areas. Mini excavators are also lightweight and versatile, and they can help you achieve several landscaping tasks.

Backhoe Loaders

Backhoes are powerful excavation machines with front and back digging capabilities. You can uproot and move trees, transport heavy materials such as dirt, rocks, gravel and boulders, and pave roads and parking lots.

Compact/Small Wheel Loaders

Wheel loaders have the strength and power to lift nearly any material, such as soil, gravel, debris, rubble and dirt. They are an excellent choice for large landscaping jobs because they have more power than a skid steer or track loader.

Work Tools/Attachments

Landscaping equipment attachments expand a machine’s capabilities, letting you reach more spaces, break through tougher ground and transport heavier materials. Click here to view attachments that are incredibly beneficial in landscape work.

Rent or Buy?

Deciding between renting or purchasing landscape equipment depends on your company’s needs. Finding landscape equipment for rent is convenient because it allows you to utilize and pay for machines only when you need them and eliminates the need for ongoing maintenance and long-term storage.

We offer landscaping rental equipment and landscaping machines for sale, so you can complete your jobs with precision and power. We also offer services to help your equipment remain in top shape and last longer. Our highly-trained technicians have the knowledge and experience to keep your machines operating effectively and efficiently. Contact H.O. Penn to learn more about our landscaping equipment inventory and find the right machines for your needs.

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