Building Construction Products (BCP)

Building construction plays a vital role in society. Your business is responsible for developing strong, stable properties, and the best way to do so is with the industry-leading building construction products (BCPs) from Cat®.

H.O. Penn is home to a comprehensive catalog of small construction equipment designed for your most rugged applications. Whatever your next big project involves, our stock from Cat is ready to work hard.

Upgrade your existing fleet with our newest models, or supplement what you have with used and refurbished options. You can even rent essential equipment for one-time jobs or to test out your tools before you buy. Get started today by exploring our top small construction machinery and requesting a quote on what you need.

Our Cat® BCP Machines

H.O. Penn is your exclusive Cat dealer in Southern New York and Connecticut, ready to deliver the latest in Cat technology to your job site. Having the right equipment on your side saves you time and money while giving your staff the tools they deserve to take on every job. When you work in building construction, the equipment in our catalog offers some of the best options available. See how each of these tools can help you through your largest and smallest projects.

Backhoe Loaders

Backhoe loaders offer the versatility of two operations simultaneously. On the front is a loader for transportation, backfilling and collecting debris, and on the back is a backhoe, which is ideal for digging and trenching operations. In construction projects, they’re most useful for demolition, excavation and landscaping.

Superior functionality doesn’t stop with job performance — your operators will appreciate the added benefits of Cat equipment, too. Our backhoe loaders offer modern cab comforts, including climate control and ergonomic features, that make it easy to operate in any weather and for any number of hours.

Wheel Loaders

Wheel loaders are front-end loaders prepared to handle heavy material transportation. Models come with a bucket attachment on the front arm that is ideal for scooping and digging. They function on a central pivot point for stability, allowing them to navigate rugged situations reliably.

You’ll find a range of sizes in our catalog to suit operations large and small, ensuring you have the lifting capacity for any materials you work with. Even when completing the most demanding operations, Cat wheel loaders function efficiently, preserving fuel and limiting emissions to make your entire job site more sustainable.

Mini Excavators

Mini excavators are ready to handle all the digging you need them to. With 360-degree cab rotation, your operators will have complete control of where they’re coming from and where they’re going. The long boom allows you to reach new heights, and the excavation bucket attachment allows you to dig and drill through hard earth materials, including rocks and boulders, so you can create a smooth, solid foundation for your construction.

Skid Steer and Compact Track Loaders

Skid steers and compact track loaders provide excellent digging and hauling power in a compact, easy-to-maneuver package. Experience top-of-the-line hydraulics and sealed, pressurized cabs to keep your operators safe as they move through your construction site.

While these machines do similar work, your site conditions may determine which one offers a better solution. Skid steers operate on wheels, so they’re faster, lighter and more suited to driving over hard, even surfaces. Track loaders run on tracks, making it easier for them to move over uneven terrain without disrupting loose materials.


No construction site is complete without a dozer on hand. This tracked machinery comes standard with wide blades and impressive horsepower ability, allowing it to navigate through any job exactly how you need it to. H.O. Penn carries every size necessary for most operations, and whether you’re handling waste or essential materials, you’ll find a solution here.


Telehandlers are another versatile option, bringing together the hydraulic power of advanced forklifts with the reach of modern cranes. They’re a great choice for material handling and lifting, allowing you to take on structural repairs, site clearing and even tree removal with ease. Any attachment will get abundant use on the single-articulating boom on our impressive telehandler options.

Attachments for Any Machinery

All of Cat’s small heavy equipment is designed to meet the precise and ever-changing needs of a live construction environment. Each piece of machinery is fitted with a hydraulic coupling system that allows for fast changes between attachments. While all equipment comes with a standard attachment, these additional ones can turn them into something more versatile that meets your unique needs as your project evolves:

  • Rakes: Rakes are ideal for digging in the ground, tilling soil, maintaining a landscape and lifting oddly shaped objects around your site.
  • Forks: Forks are the industry standard for lifting pallets and heavy materials and settling them in the perfect place. In construction, they can be especially helpful for placing blocks and building upon the foundation.
  • Blades: Blade attachments ensure you can collect and gather your materials in one place with minimal loss. When clearing and removing debris from an area, blades offer the ideal solution.
  • Trenchers: Trenchers are the attachment for digging into packed, heavy ground and breaking up rocks, roots and other sturdy materials. Construction sites often utilize trenchers to create underground space for plumbing and wiring.

Small Construction Equipment Service

When we deliver our equipment to your job site, everything is ready for action. You’ll be able to seamlessly integrate these tools into your workflow for better efficiency and reliability. However, if you work with them for long enough, you’ll eventually need to service it and even have some parts replaced to continue operating at maximum efficiency. That’s where our field service team comes in.

Each purchase or rental from our catalog comes backed by round-the-clock service. Our preventive maintenance and parts replacement services can save you time and money. If any of your equipment stops working at a critical junction, our technicians will come to you as soon as you contact us to correct the issue and keep you on schedule. Maintain the utmost reliability in your equipment by working with H.O. Penn’s experienced personnel.

Request a Quote on Small Heavy Equipment at H.O. Penn

When you choose H.O. Penn, you’ll find the specific tools you need from a world leader in heavy-duty construction equipment, backed up by a team of skilled technicians and field service professionals. From the moment you join us, you’ll have access to unparalleled support for shopping small construction equipment, repairs, maintenance and more.

Ready to grow your service fleet? Be prepared to take on any project you receive by browsing our catalog and requesting a quote today. You can also contact us online or at 845-448-0018 to discuss your options.

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