Heavy Construction Equipment

H.O. Penn has supplied Southern New York and Connecticut with heavy construction equipment from Cat® for decades. As the exclusive Cat equipment supplier in the area, we maintain a comprehensive selection of equipment for construction, mining, landscaping and more. If you use heavy-duty tools in your line of work, chances are we have the solutions you’re looking for to upgrade your fleet and streamline your workflow.

Whether the projects you work on are for small, independent operations or you’re taking on large, heavy-duty construction jobs, our equipment is ready to perform.

Our Heavy Equipment From Cat®

At H.O. Penn, our machinery from Cat comes in all forms. Find brand-new selections using the latest Cat technology, or explore some of our revamped used models that have proven their performance. For brands that operate around the country or only need tools for a certain project, our rentals come in handy. Keep our equipment for as long as you need it, and return it when you’re done to save money and space.

One of the best things about Cat heavy equipment options is that they are built for comfort as much as they are function. Operators can look forward to spending time in their cabs, complete with LED displays, adjustable seats, ergonomic controls and more. The designers at Cat understand that a comfortable operator can do more work for longer, ensuring you stay on schedule throughout construction and can power through even the most complex operations with minimal interruptions.

Take a look at our entire catalog of tools made for rugged construction needs, and get a quote on the best options for you.

Articulated Trucks

Articulated trucks are ready to handle any site condition and perform almost any transportation operation you need, from hauling to towing. The unique, open configuration of this heavy construction equipment allows for enhanced versatility and stability.

With a three-axle construction, precision controls and comfortable multi-operator cabs, Cat’s articulated trucks are an asset on any job site where moving debris and materials is a necessity. Our selection of these models also comes with impressive ACERT™ engine technology, optimizing fuel performance.


Every good construction project demands a firm foundation, wherever the job site is. H.O. Penn’s catalog of compactors includes options for every compaction project, whether you’re packing down soil or leveling out asphalt. Choose from options including:

  • Soil compactors
  • Pneumatic rollers
  • Tandem vibratory rollers

Every option comes with its own uniquely designed rollers, which are precisely suited to push down your specific materials. If you’re unsure of which type of compactor is best for your needs, talk to our team about your options.


Built with a robust design, Cat excavators consist of a boom, excavation bucket, and stick, featuring 360-degree cab rotation capabilities. This combination ensures seamless digging, drilling, and churning through the most challenging materials, including rock and compacted earth. With many models equipped with a tracked chassis, Cat excavators effortlessly navigate uneven terrains, maintaining stability in the face of demanding conditions.

Motor Graders

Motor graders are an excellent method of leveling the ground in and around your construction site. This heavy construction equipment can meet your precise leveling requirements and ensure you have the ideal foundation upon which to build.

While our largest motor graders can cover immense amounts of ground at a time, smaller options offer the maneuverability you may need to get into tight spaces. Either way, Cat’s powertrain models ensure consistent grading across the entirety of your worksite.

Off-Highway Trucks

Off-highway trucks are designed to meet the unique needs of quarries, mines and construction sites. Heavy-duty tires allow them to navigate over any terrain, and large, open backs make them simple to load, especially when working in tandem with other heavy construction tools from Cat, like wheel loaders and material handlers. Off-highway trucks ensure maximum stability and safety for operators with ladder and step cab access and a protective cover over the top of the cab, allowing them to work in any condition with confidence.

Wheel Loaders

H.O. Penn offers a range of front-end wheel loaders capable of taking on the most heavy-duty material handling jobs. They combine stability and speed, allowing you to get through rugged construction sites with ease and complete any digging and hauling operations necessary.

Track Loaders

Track loaders are one of the most versatile options of all heavy construction equipment. From digging and loading to filling and grading, there’s a use for track loaders in nearly every major construction operation. Because this machinery runs on tracks, it offers better stability on uneven terrain. Plus, many of them feature front and back-end attachments for double the applications throughout your job site.

Attachments for Cat Heavy Equipment

Cat’s heavy construction equipment is highly versatile and mobile, but sometimes even the best tools need a bit of adjustment to suit your needs. That’s where our variety of attachments come in handy. All of Cat’s able models come with a hydraulic-powered quick coupling system that makes switching between buckets, blades and other attachments fast and easy.

Some of our top construction attachments include:

  • Blades: Heavy-duty blades can gather, collect and scoop even fine materials. They are excellent for moving debris and materials with minimal effort.
  • Buckets: Bucket attachments pair well with blades or they can operate on their own in digging, scooping and more. They’re capable of breaking apart compact earth and rocks so that you can grade and level your site more easily.
  • Trenchers: Trenchers dig deep into the earth, clearing a path for you to lay pipes, plumbing and foundational materials in your construction site. Choose from an array of trencher types for all your digging and hole creation needs.
  • Forks: Forks are the ideal attachment in jobs where you’ll be moving a lot of heavy materials. They’re most commonly used to stack pallets and build up the foundation of a project.

Get Maintenance and Service Anytime

When you choose H.O. Penn and Cat for your high-quality construction equipment, you get the benefits of best-in-class tools and services simultaneously. Our service options include parts replacement, general maintenance, repairs and emergency service.

We keep operations from coming to a halt through preventive maintenance and get you back to work faster when your equipment breaks down. We keep new and refurbished engines and other parts on hand at all times so when you call for assistance, we can respond immediately.

Request Your Quote Today

Cat heavy equipment offers the best solutions worldwide, and H.O. Penn is honored to be a part of that legacy. Between Cat’s best equipment and our industry-leading service, you can rest assured in every job you take on, knowing we’ll be there to keep your equipment operating as it should. Our field service technicians are available around the clock to support your industrial needs and help you develop a safe, stable project that can outlive us all.

Add these essential machines to your service fleet today and see how your operations can go smoother and faster than ever before. Request a quote on anything in our catalog, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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