Waste, Scrap, and Recycling

Landfills, recycling yards, transfer stations and other waste management environments take a toll on heavy equipment. If you operate a business in Southern New York or Connecticut, H.O. Penn Machinery can supply a wide selection of high-performing machines and attachments to keep your work processes moving forward and increase efficiency.

H.O. Penn has been a trusted equipment solutions provider since 1923. We offer high-quality products for sale and rent for a broad range of industries and applications. As a customer-focused business, we also strive to deliver world-class service and support.

Our Waste Management Equipment Categories

As an authorized Cat® dealer, H.O. Penn features waste processing equipment from Caterpillar, the industry’s most recognized and trusted brand. Cat products offer the ideal combination of innovative design, superior construction and rugged reliability to withstand the rigors of challenging waste management environments.

Our extensive selection of Cat landfill and transfer station equipment includes:

  • Articulated trucks: These tough, purpose-built vehicles can handle your most challenging waste-hauling tasks in various ground conditions.
  • Compactors: Cat landfill compactors enable you to reduce waste volume for faster and more efficient recycling and disposal.
  • Dozers: The right bulldozer will help prevent trash accumulation at your landfill, contributing to a more productive work environment.
  • Excavators: Cat hydraulic excavators equip you to dig holes for depositing trash and perform multiple essential earthmoving functions.
  • Material Handlers: Cat material handlers excel in tasks ranging from scrap sorting and recycling to heavy-duty waste handling, ensuring you can efficiently manage and move bulk materials in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • Motor graders: Use a motor grader to create access roads for articulated trucks and other vehicles and mobile equipment at your waste management site.
  • Track loaders: These versatile machines can assist with everything from digging, grading and sloping to land clearing and truck loading.
  • Wheel loaders: Compact, small and medium front end loaders offer a fast solution for moving and loading mounds of trash and other debris.
  • Wheel tractor-scrapers: These robust machines offer a precise blend of power, speed and traction to deliver superior results in your most challenging waste management earthmoving applications.

Most of these products are available in multiple sizes to accommodate smaller and more demanding waste management work environments. The professionals at any convenient H.O. Penn location can help you sort through all the options and make the best equipment selections for your business.

Boost Performance by Adding Landfill Equipment Attachments

Caterpillar manufactures a wide assortment of attachments that transform different pieces of waste management equipment into multifunctional workhorses. Performing several tasks with one piece of equipment saves time and increases productivity and efficiency. You can also achieve better results by using a specialized tool for challenging tasks.

At H.O. Penn, we offer products covering several essential waste management categories.


Is feeding shredders a vital function at your waste management facility? We have a range of attachments that carry large volumes of materials in less time.

Loading and Unloading

Rugged Cat attachments can provide the power to lift and deposit heavy loads of debris. Choosing a compatible tool will also help conserve fuel and maintain optimal machine health and productivity.

Material Handling

The right attachments provide the correct balance between load capacity and stability. Your machine will be able to accommodate the optimal amount of material without jeopardizing performance and safety.


Durable Cat attachments can withstand the wear resulting from frequent material processing activities like pulverizing, crushing and cutting. Their reliability ensures maximum uptime and lower replacement and repair expenses.

Site Cleanup and Maintenance

Our attachment lineup can streamline and simplify the tedious task of cleaning up and maintaining your waste management site. You’ll have extra time to allocate to more productive activities.

Pairing attachments with the appropriate equipment models is vital for maximizing performance, reducing the damage risk and maintaining safety. The experienced team at any H.O. Penn store can ensure you make the right match between the machine and the planned application.

Contact Us for All Your Waste Management Equipment Needs

When you purchase or rent landfill equipment from H.O. Penn, you’ll always get a high-quality product at a fair price, plus access to some of the most knowledgeable experts in the industry. We also provide dependable service to maximize your customer experience, as well as all the parts you’ll need to keep your machines and attachments on the job and performing well. Moreover, we can meet all your preventive maintenance and repair requirements.

Contact us to request additional information and a no-obligation product quote today.

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