Cat® Product Link

Connectivity – The Modern Business Advantage

The use of telematics in construction equipment has opened our eyes to analytical information that was simply not available in the past. Utilizing this resource to your advantage will enable you to create one of the most valuable working tools in your business.

Cat® Product Link allows you to wirelessly connect with your equipment and gain valuable insight into the performance of your fleet or equipment. With Product Link technology, customers can now monitor multiple data points such as Hours, Location, Fault Codes, Fuel Burn Rates, Def Consumption, Total Runtime, Work Time, Idle Time, and other Machine Health Parameters. 

A detailed understanding of equipment conditions can enable us to adapt as conditions rapidly change on the worksite. MONITORING YOUR ASSETS WILL NEVER BE THE SAME.

Logins Are Made Easy

The VisionLink application provides effortless access to vital equipment information from your mobile phone or personal computer. Monitoring the health of your equipment can be easy and convenient from your office, while traveling, or at the worksite. IN A BUSY WORKING ENVIRONMENT, VISIONLINK PROVIDES THE FLEXIBILITY OF BEING ON THE MOVE WHILE REMAINING CONNECTED.

The Product Link Advantage

Actionable data leads to numerous benefits that are crucial to customers when increasing operation and preventing downtime. 

  • Regularly reviewing fault codes can assist in identifying issues early and preventing unnecessary failures. Being PROACTIVE INSTEAD OF REACTIVE can result in substantially lower repair costs.
  • Monitoring hours and runtime can aid in preventing down time by anticipating service, repair, or maintenance needs. 
  • The in-cab hour meters will give you a heads-up display of current hours, but with Product Link, most models can also calculate Total Runtime with Key On/Off data– allowing customers to view specific startup and shutdown times. 
  • Most runtime data can be further analyzed by distinguishing actual working time from idle time for assets. customers can use this information to calculate key factors such as Working/Idle Fuel Burn Rate, Runtime Cost, Idle Percentages, and Working/Idle Cost.

Factory Equipped or Retrofit

Most new Cat machines to come equipped with Product Link, however, installation kits are available for retrofitting older machines or equipment from other manufacturers.

Product Link offers multiple communication modes – cellular, satellite, and Bluetooth – ensuring that your needs are met regardless of the type of asset, location, or working conditions.


Take advantage of your resources and make timely, fact-based decisions to maximize efficiency, improve productivity, and lower the cost of owning and operating your fleet!

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