Mission & Values

Our Mission

We help our customers build a better tomorrow.

Our Business Model

Create Value

Focus our resources and people where we can create the most value.

Continuous Improvement

Keep improving to deliver even greater value to our customers and to stay ahead of our competition.

Our Strategic Focus


Develop, reward, and attract talent that enables us to execute our business model.

Customer Experience

Build lasting customer relationships by being simple and easy to do business with.

Operational Excellence

Reduce the cost to serve customers by simplifying and streamlining operations.

Focused Growth

Grow profitability by allocating resources towards value creating core areas.

H.O. Penn Values


Do the right thing to earn trust and build sound long-term relationships.

  • Be honest
  • Be fair and consistent with all
  • Fulfill all legal & moral responsibilities by doing what is right
  • Everyone demonstrate leadership by proactively and consistently holding ourselves and others responsible and accountable


Financial stability and growth.

  • Consistently provide superior value
  • Everyone contributes directly and/or indirectly to profitable growth
  • Reduce inefficiencies, effectively control costs and make optimal use of company assets
  • Continually strengthen and improve ourselves and other employees
  • Everyone demonstrate meaningful recognition of others for their contributions to our success


Continually creating and discovering opportunities and implementing solutions that generate positive change for profitable growth.

  • Proactively seek out and adopt innovative solutions with our customers
  • Continually seek, improve and share ideas to capitalize on opportunities
  • Encourage and recognize forward thinking and creativity that provides meaningful value
  • Respond quickly by creatively adapting in new and successful ways
  • Take intelligent risks and continuously learn from the results


Demonstrating exceptional performance that continuously meets or exceeds expectations.

  • Deliver what we promise in a timely and professional manner
  • Consistently do things right the first time
  • Anticipate needs and consistently provide solutions that meet those needs
  • Correctly prioritize work and effectively complete what is most important
  • Continually improve our performance, productivity and processes


A positive, productive and fulfilling all-win work environment.

  • Demonstrate respect toward all by communicating with and treating people in a timely and professional manner
  • Perform in ways that help achieve company expectations through clear communications, committed actions and follow-up
  • Openly listen, cooperate and seek solutions that benefit all without fear of reprisal
  • Demonstrate winning teamwork by interacting with all in ways that generate high productivity and high morale
  • Display and encourage personal initiative through proactive and effective sharing of information

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