Delayed Engine Shutdown Override

E1217 (3) – Delayed Engine Shutdown Override 

The Delayed Engine Shutdown has been overridden. The engine will shut down, no troubleshooting required.

Probable Causes for an E1217 Code

  • An operator turning the key switch to the fourth position or forcing a shutdown prior to DES completing.
  • DES may not be enabled
  • Fuel ran out prior to DES completion
  • Mechanical failure causing the engine to stop prior to DES completion

Did you say the engine might keep running even after I turn it off with the key?

Yes! It’s one of the changes that caterpillar made to support the aftertreatment system.

It won’t happen very often but if it does, it’s completely normal.

When you turn the key to off with Tier four final equipment – the DES feature may activate, and the engine may continue to run for a time in order to cool down the exhaust system.

The “Delayed Engine Shutdown” (DES) feature allows the engine to run after the key switch has been turned to the OFF position. A delayed engine shutdown will allow the engine and exhaust temperatures to cool to an acceptable level prior to shutting the engine down. If the DES is aborted, potential damage to the engine and/or aftertreatment system can occur. These fault codes may indicate that the engine was shut down while the exhaust temperatures were still above the acceptable threshold.

Solution for Delayed Engine Shutdown

When the event code is triggered, continue to turn OFF the machines following the proper procedure to turn the cab key switch to OFF position. Allow the DES feature to function. DES feature functioning allows the engine and emission system to continue to run, cool, and finish the desired cycles before the engine and emission system shuts OFF.

If you have an emergency that requires an immediate shutdown, turn the key all the way to the left.

But make sure it’s an emergency – forcing an engine shutdown may damage the after-treatment system!


Cat® Tier 4 Final Operator Overview | Delay Engine Shutdown


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