HIGH DPF Ash Loading

E997 – HIGH DPF Ash Loading

The ECM has determined that an ash service is required. The calculation is based on the size of the DPF, the operating hours for the engine and the duty cycle for the engine.

On certain machines with Tier 4 interim or Tier 4 final engine systems, the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) requires maintenance to remove ash buildup from the filter. Caterpillar recommends the 5,000 hour point the most reliable time to clean the DPF. However, there are secondary indicators that can be used to determine when the DPF maintenance is needed.

The engine ECM contains two event codes related to ash loading of the DPF. The first code E997 (1) High #1 DPF Ash Loading is a time-based event that will activate at 5,000 hours. The first code provides first notification of needed DPF ash service.

The second code E997 (2) High DPF #1 Ash Loading will activate based on ECM algorithms to determine the approximate ash build-up based on speed/load calculations, temperatures, etc. The engine ECM estimates that ash volume in the DPF is approaching a point where system performance will be impacted. The E997 (2) High DPF Ash Loading code will activate notifying the operator of this condition.

Caterpillar recommends performing the ash cleaning maintenance within 250 hours of the E997 (2) High DPF #1 Ash Loading code becoming active.

The E997 (2) will not occur until at least 5,100 hours of operating time. Some applications may run more than 5,100 hours before activating the code. This action is due to ash loading rate being slower than normal based on the operating conditions of the engine described above.

The approved Caterpillar DPF maintenance procedure requires that one of the following actions be taken when the DPF needs to be cleaned:

  • The DPF from your machine can be replaced with a new DPF
  • The DPF from your machine can be replaced with a remanufactured DPF
  • The DPF from your machine can be cleaned by your local authorized Cat dealer, or a Caterpillar approved DPF cleaning machine, and reinstalled

Note: A manual regeneration via Cat Electronic Technician must be performed before removing a DPF that will be cleaned. All three scenarios listed above require an ash reset via Cat Electronic Technician after installation of the clean DPF.

Once the ash service has been completed, the electronic service tool can be used in order to reset the service parameter in the ECM.


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