Machine Cab Guidelines

It’s more important than ever to ensure that you are taking the necessary measures to disinfect the surfaces you come into contact with throughout the day. Your Cat machine is no exception. It is important to properly sanitize the surfaces in your cab to reduce any spread of germs, including COVID-19.

To help, Caterpillar has released the below guidelines to help you reduce the risk of damaging contact surfaces on your Cat cabs while disinfecting them.

Contact Areas to Focus On:
• Joysticks
• Steering wheels
• Switches
• Displays (including touch screen)
• Grab handles
• Armrests/seats
• Consoles door handles

Products that Minimize Adverse Effects on Component Surfaces*:
• Soap and water (use per World Health Organization guidelines)
• 70% Isopropyl Alcohol (Isopropanol: pre-packaged wipe or cloth)
• Non-bleach disinfecting wipes (preferred) or spray

• Solutions composed of household bleach or solvent-based solutions, if possible
• Using disinfectants at elevated temperatures (above 86 degrees F)


*Be sure to remove all residue from surfaces after health organization or manufacturer’s minimum recommended working time to disinfect. Product contents vary by manufacture and cannot be guaranteed to be 100% compatible with all contact surfaces.

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