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Your battery is the powerhouse of your heavy equipment, and you count on it to work reliably and start your machine even in adverse operating conditions.

For over 95 years, H.O. Penn Machinery has been Southern New York’s home for genuine Cat® batteries compatible with various equipment types. Our locations employ a helpful team with the expertise to recommend the right Cat battery to get your equipment back into operation quickly.

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Benefits of Using Premium Batteries

Cat’s line of premium high output (PHO) batteries offers long-lasting performance for your machinery. The benefits of premium batteries like the Cat PHO include:

  • Reduced maintenance costs: Low and maintenance-free battery options save owners time and money. Reduced maintenance costs and downtime can represent significant savings over the lifespan of a piece of heavy equipment.
  • High power delivery: Cold-cranking amp capability matters in extreme temperatures. Premium batteries deliver the necessary power to sustain a minimum number of amps in cold weather, ensuring your machinery is ready to use when you need it most.
  • Efficiency: Premium batteries generally deliver an easier start with less capacity usage than non-premium options. For heavy equipment owners, this characteristic means higher performance and better battery charge for extended periods.


Why Choose Cat® Batteries

Many reasons exist for preferring Cat batteries over those of other manufacturers, including:

  • Comprehensive warranty: The Cat battery warranty is one of the most generous in the industry, offering up to 72 months of protection.
  • Stringent testing: Caterpillar runs its PHO batteries through a rigorous set of tests, including vibration, recharge time, cold-soak, and lifecycle inspections. All PHO batteries operate at five times the industry standards for vibration performance, a crucial feature for heavy equipment running in rugged terrain.
  • Longer lifespan: Genuine Cat batteries outlast other options, delivering power up to three times longer than competitors’ products.
  • Wide availability: Many Cat dealers — like H.O. Penn — have a large selection of Cat batteries in stock. Special orders arrive the following day in most cases.
  • Premium construction: Caterpillar manufactures its batteries from first-rate materials and adds features like forged terminal post bushings, anti-corrosive coatings, and a tough outer shell to protect against extreme temperatures and moisture.

Get the Cat Batteries You Need From H.O. Penn Machinery

Our six convenient Connecticut and Southern New York locations proudly offer all the parts and technical expertise you need. H.O. Penn staff receive specialized Cat training to provide world-class knowledge and support for your heavy equipment requirements. Reach out to a professional online or visit a showroom near you for expert assistance.

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