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Drivetrains are a critical part of your heavy equipment’s overall capacity to function, and proper maintenance with genuine parts extends your investment’s life and usefulness.

H.O. Penn Machinery is Connecticut’s and Southern New York’s dealer for genuine Cat® drivetrain replacement parts. Our professionals know Cat equipment inside and out thanks to comprehensive factory training. You’ll find the expertise and support you deserve at each of our six locations. Let our team display our world-class customer service and help you find the drivetrain parts you need.

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Purpose and Functions of the Drivetrain

Drivetrains deliver engine power to wheels or tracks. Whether on a bulldozer or in on-highway Cat trucks, your drivetrain facilitates the communication necessary for each component to do its part. Some functions of the drivetrain include:

  • Connection: Drivetrain parts join the engine and wheel-turning axles.
  • Control: Components regulate the power for better steering and speed control.
  • Amplification: Drivetrains boost the torque to keep wheels moving smoothly with various changes in gear and speed.

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Parts on the Drivetrain

Each Cat drivetrain contains essentials like the transmission, differential, torque converter and drive shaft.


The transmission changes gears in your equipment and maintains the power ratio between the engine and the wheels as you adjust speed and direction. When stopped, transmissions also disengage the motor from the propulsion to prevent movement while idling. Cat machines use various types depending on the equipment model and application.


Outer and inner wheels must move at different speeds when you turn. The differential is a collection of gears that diverts engine power in differing amounts, making the speed variance possible. Cat equipment may have four types of differentials depending on machine type, including standard, locking, limited-slip and no-spin.

Torque Converter

The torque converter’s job is to boost power to your machine where required, such as in soft or shifting grounds. Converters reduce RPMs and divert more engine torque to needed areas. Some Cat equipment contains a torque divider to split the force between the rear and front axles.

Drive Shaft

The drive shaft connects the different components of your drivetrain and is a long, rotating tube that transfers the engine torque to the differential. Cat machines use various drive shaft configurations precisely designed for the equipment type and fit.

Find Your Cat® Drive Train Parts at H.O. Penn Machinery

At each of H.O. Penn’s six area locations, you’ll find an expert who’s ready to help. Our staff receives thorough training, providing us all the knowledge we need to identify the right drivetrain part for your heavy equipment maintenance. Contact us online today, or stop by any of our convenient showrooms for assistance.

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