Cat® Hydraulic Pumps and Motors

The hydraulic pumps and motors in your heavy equipment are essential for generating and distributing power, supporting lifting capability and engineering smooth movement. Keeping them in good repair prolongs your investment’s life and ensures maximum performance.

At H.O. Penn Machinery, we offer full-service hydraulic pump and motor repair and replacement to help you keep your equipment productive and in service.

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Why Servicing Your Hydraulic Pumps and Motors Is Important

Your heavy equipment depends on hydraulic pumps and motors for many things, including:

  • Higher output: These vital systems make light work out of what would be a challenge with manual labor, increasing your production and your bottom line.
  • Reliability: To meet project deadlines and stay on schedule, you need equipment you can count on. Well-maintained machinery is ready to work when you are.
  • Multifunctionality: Your hydraulic pumps and motors power essential functions. Qualified service ensures safer moving, turning, lifting and stopping.

Complete Hydraulic Pump and Motor Repair Services at H.O. Penn

Turn to H.O. Penn Machinery when you need repairs or planned maintenance. Our factory-trained technicians have the knowledge, experience and tools to deliver. Our complete hydraulic motor and pump repairs include:

  • Service where you need it: With six locations throughout Southern New York and Connecticut, we offer over 90 service bays at our in-house centers. We also perform on-site repairs with a fleet of 75 field service trucks, saving you time while getting your equipment back to work.
  • Highly skilled technicians: Each H.O. Penn team member is factory-trained and receives more than 30 hours of extra technical training annually. Our in-house lab services diagnose issues quickly for accurate repair and better equipment uptime.
  • Cat®-certified rebuilds: The H.O. Penn Machinery service centers offer factory-certified equipment rebuilds, extending the life of your investment and reducing overall costs. We complete more than 75 certified rebuilds each year.

The Best Parts in the Industry

Caterpillar is a market leader for a reason — and we can help you get all the Cat parts you need. At H.O. Penn, you’ll find:

  • Flexible ways to order: Choose from over a million components at or visit our storefronts for more than 42,000 individual on-shelf parts. Hydraulic pumps and motors have an in-stock rate of over 99%, meaning you can get what you need quickly and conveniently.
  • Specially designed components: Get reassurance from an ideal fit and the highest quality in the industry. Cat parts offer secure connections and compatibility with your equipment. In addition, Cat parts carry a 12-month warranty and undergo manufacturing with strict quality control and rigorous testing measures.

Choose H.O. Penn Machinery for Your Hydraulic Pump and Motor Repairs

Whether you need service in our centers or the field, H.O. Penn is the clear choice. With industry expertise and experience, our highly skilled team of technicians can get your equipment back in service sooner. We also have the most extensive selection of Cat parts in the area. Experience the H.O. Penn difference when you stop by one of our six branches or request equipment service online.

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