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The oil and fluids you use in your heavy equipment matter for maximizing its life and performance, and genuine Cat® oil and fluid provide best-in-class protection and lubrication.

H.O. Penn Machinery’s Connecticut and Southern New York locations proudly offer Cat hydraulic oil and Cat diesel engine oil for your machinery because we know how much your business depends on it. Are you unsure how to choose the best option for your equipment? Our team has received thorough training to help you locate the right parts for your machinery, and we’ve been doing it since 1921.

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Cat Oil and Fluids H.O. Penn Machinery

Find the Right Oil and Fluids for Your CAT® Equipment

Best Fluids for Specific Types of Engines

Cat designs its oils and fluids to work together in a specific application matching your equipment type, and only genuine Cat products will meet your machinery’s exact specifications.

H.O. Penn carries a wide selection of genuine Cat oils and fluids for various engines, including:

  • C9
  • C12
  • 3126
  • 3306
  • C16
  • 3408

Using the correct filter and fluid for your engine type boosts your equipment’s performance and may extend its life. In addition, Cat fluids and filters meet or exceed industry standards for maximum protection and cost-efficiency. Your owner’s manual is the best source of information on the particular filter and fluid combinations ideal for your equipment, and the H.O. Penn experts will help you identify it.

Cat Fluids H.O. Penn Machinery

Oil Filter Efficiency Level

Genuine Cat oil fluids offer three levels of filtration, including:

  • Standard efficiency: Cat offers filters with standard-level filtration for all Cat equipment. These filters are suitable for applications with normal levels of environmental contaminants and operation under normal conditions.
  • Advanced efficiency: Filters with advanced efficiency ratings provide higher levels of particle removal. These filters are preferable on newer equipment overall and older equipment for better emissions control.
  • Ultra-high efficiency: Cat UHE filters provide the maximum amount of contaminant reduction. We recommend UHE filters for excessive dirt and dust environments or under heavy-usage conditions.

Cat also offers filters labeled as “plus” in all three efficiency levels. This designation indicates the improvement of a specific filter feature — such as increased airflow — that varies by filter type. In addition, Cat manufactures a fire-resistant hydraulic oil filter for use with fire-resistant hydraulic oil in more volatile worksites.

Order Your Genuine Cat® Oil and Fluids From H.O. Penn

The friendly staff at H.O. Penn Machinery use their specialized training in Cat products to identify the right oils and fluids for your heavy equipment. Our experts provide exemplary customer service and knowledge at six locations throughout Connecticut and Southern New York. Pay us a visit for assistance or contact a knowledgeable professional online today.

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