Cat® Planned Maintenance Kits

As the owner of a piece of genuine Cat® machinery, you get dependable and powerful performance from your equipment every day. One way to maximize your investment and ensure a long life span is keeping it in excellent operating condition with planned maintenance.

Count on Cat equipment and the experts at H.O. Penn Machinery to make the most of your investment with our planned maintenance (PM) kits.

Order PM Kits Online

Quick Custom Kit Building Online

Scheduled maintenance used to mean taking the time to figure out what parts you need and ordering them individually. Our modern PM solution eliminates the hassle, saving you time with quick custom kit-building features online. The three-step process is straightforward.

1. Visit Parts.Cat.Com.

The Cat website is open 24/7/365, so you can place your order whenever it’s most convenient for you and from any connected device. On the planned maintenance kits page, you’ll enter your equipment’s model and serial number to generate a list of associated parts. That way, you know you’re getting genuine Cat parts designed specifically for your model and backed by a 12-month warranty.

2. Customize Your Contents.

The items appearing on the list will vary depending on your service interval and exact machinery. Generally, they include an assortment of filters, fluids, gaskets and seals. You may also find spark plugs, belts and vials for S.O.S. fluid sampling.

See something you already have or an item you’d like to have a spare for? No problem — you have complete control of what goes in your kit. Simply use the “-” button to remove and the “+” button to add parts.

3. Select Your Delivery Method

You can have the kit shipped directly to you or pick it up at your neighborhood H.O. Penn location.

Would you rather build your kit in-store? Our friendly and knowledgeable team members are available to help! Stop by any of our convenient locations to get started.

Benefits of the Perfect Solution in a Single Box

When you order your PM kit with H.O. Penn, you benefit from:

  • Lower ownership and operating costs: The Cat filters in your PM kit maximize your equipment’s operation. Our in-house testing delivered longer fuel injector life spans and lower hourly injector costs.
  • Time savings: Our PM kits contain the required fluids to help you cut down on the number of oil changes you’ll need. Plus, with everything you need on hand to carry out PM, you’ll be back in the field sooner.
  • Parts confidence: All Cat parts meet rigid quality standards and undergo rigorous testing. Since they’re made for your specific machine, you’ll also get a perfect fit every time.
  • Better performance: Cat has designed every machine component to deliver results. Our parts function together to improve fuel consumption, reduce emissions and enhance efficiency.

Build Your PM Kit Today With H.O. Penn

We’ve been the Southern New York and Connecticut experts in bringing you Cat equipmentrepair and maintenance solutions since 1923. Have questions or need assistance? Drop by your local H.O. Penn Machinery showroom, call us at 845-448-0018 or connect with us online for help.

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