One seal, nut, bolt, or washer is as good as the next, right? Wrong. Parts that aren’t designed and sized for your equipment can lead to leaky or loose joints and seals. That can result in breakdowns, downtime, and even fines for environmental hazards. Genuine Cat® seals and fasteners are made stronger to last longer in your Cat equipment and across your entire fleet. They’re small parts that play a big role in keeping your machines up, running, and earning you money.

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What causes seals to fail? Extreme temperature and pressure changes. Cat seals are made with materials matched to the fluid types, temperatures, and pressures found in Cat machines. They resist deterioration and failure better than the competition, prevent fluid contamination, and maintain sealing force over time for long, leak-free performance.

  • Up to 3X the sealing force: When a seal is compressed, it generates force like a spring. Cat seals provide a higher sealing force which prevents leaks that can lead to expensive repairs, downtime, and fines.

  • Up to 51% tighter tolerances: Most Cat seals are made with custom tooling owned by Caterpillar for a precise fit in every machine in your fleet. Reliable, repeatable performance eliminates leaks and early-hour failures.
  • Up to 3.5X longer life: Better sealing force and tighter tolerances mean Cat seals last longer than competitive seals. That translates into more machine uptime and less cost for you.
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CAT Fasteners

They’re small and often out of sight, but fasteners provide a strong line of defense against downtime. Cat fasteners are designed to withstand the stresses of machine applications and hold the line on productivity. Choose from bolts for normal applications, high-strength bolts for demanding applications and a wide selection of washers, nuts, clips, clamps and other hardware.

  • Proven material performance: You get reliable, repeatable performance from every Cat fastener. They resist loose joints and breakage even under heavy loads.
  • Up to 4X better corrosion resistance: Salt spray tests show that Cat fasteners take significantly longer to rust than competitors, resulting in longer life, less chance of premature failure and easier maintenance.
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When Cat® seal and fastener general-use kits are readily available in your machine or service truck, the parts you need are always ready to go. No extra trips to the store. No waiting for an order to arrive. That can shorten your repair time from hours or days to just minutes. Each kit holds the most common seals or fasteners used on all the equipment in your fleet

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