Cat® Water Pumps

You can restore your cooling system’s performance with reliable and efficient Cat® water pumps. Whether you’re looking for brand new components or expertly remanufactured solutions, Caterpillar has a selection you can depend on.

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State-of-the-art water pumps from Caterpillar are designed to prevent overheating and ultimately prolong your engine’s useful life. At H.O. Penn Machinery, we carry a comprehensive assortment of innovative Cat water pumps that emphasize superior quality and performance backed by the standard Cat Parts Warranty.

General-Duty Water Pumps

Our general-duty water pumps are designed with superior technological innovation, productivity and durability in mind. You can use these water pumps to take on light to moderate industrial applications with lower utilization for lasting performance. They are also optimized to decrease environmental impact and are suitable for reuse.

Cat general-duty pumps have competitive purchase prices and lifespans for all of your targeted project needs.

Seawater Pumps

Cat seawater pumps are ideal for marine environments. These components feature a stainless steel structure, rugged bronze housings, and flexible and robust SMX impellers comprising synthetic-based neoprene.

Our seawater pumps are easy to service and maintain and come ready to install, helping to reduce downtime with off-the-shelf availability. These diesel engine parts help companies reduce the cost of ownership and strengthen their bottom line.

Remanufactured Water Pumps

If you’re looking for high-quality water pumps at a fraction of the cost of new models, our remanufactured options are your solution. Investing in Cat Reman water pumps means securing cost-effective components without sacrificing quality. Our remanufactured pumps achieve the same performance standards as new Cat water pumps, enabling you to keep your equipment operating at optimal efficiency while reducing waste and raw material usage.

All Cat Reman water pumps undergo a strict remanufacturing process to ensure same-as-new quality.

Benefits of Our Water Pumps

Cat water pumps from H.O. Penn come with several advantages:

  • Improved bearing retention: Our water pumps feature hardened bearing retainers for increased retention.
  • Corrosion resistance: All products include a stainless steel shaft for optimal corrosion resistance.
  • Increased coolant flow: The redesigned water pump impeller has increased durability and coolant flow around the water seal.
  • Longer service life: Cat water pumps comprise advanced oil and coolant seals designed to increase lifespan.

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You can find reliable and efficient water pumps for sale at H.O. Penn. It’s our mission to create the most value for our customers by providing them with the highest-performing products.

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