The right equipment can help you complete landscaping jobs efficiently. Landscaping equipment operates with strength and power. Skid steers, track loaders, trenchers, excavators, mini excavators, wheel loaders and backhoes let you break through tough earth, uproot trees and relocate them intact, transport heavy materials and create clear sites for landscaping.

Understanding each machine’s landscaping capabilities and how it works helps you choose the best equipment for your needs.

Types of Landscaping Equipment

Professional landscaping equipment is essential in the landscape industry. With the right landscape equipment, you complete virtually any landscaping task. Consider the following equipment for your project:

Skid Steers

A skid steer is a versatile, lightweight and easily maneuverable piece of equipment with various digging capabilities. They have four wheels and two arms that hold various attachments for different purposes. You can perform many landscaping jobs with a skid steer.

Skid steers can effectively dig, lift and move soil where you need it to go. You can also use them for grading, which is the process of moving soil to specific elevations or contours for a desired design or functional result. Skid steers work well to clear sites, seed lawns, plant trees transport various materials and install fences because of their earthmoving capabilities.

Compact Track Loaders

Skid loaders are also known as track loaders. While a skid steer has standard tires, a skid loader or track loader moves using a track. Track loaders move slower than skid steers, but they have more traction and power.

A track loader’s superior traction makes it perfect for landscaping rough terrain or areas with steep slopes. They are also beneficial on soft ground. Skid loaders are less maneuverable than skid steers, but specific types can move across soft ground without tearing surfaces.

Mini Excavators

A mini excavator is a more compact version of an excavator. Since mini excavators are compact and have rotating cabs, they can reach tight areas. Mini excavators are also lightweight and versatile, and they can help you achieve several landscaping tasks:

  • Mowing grass
  • Removing brush
  • Raking
  • Removing or replacing trees
  • Tearing down structures such as decks and sheds
  • Removing debris
  • Mulching
  • Installing in-ground features such as pools

Wheel Loaders

A wheel loader is also known as a front loader, and it’s a heavy machine containing a large bucket perfect for earthmoving tasks. Wheel loaders have the strength and power to lift nearly any material, such as soil, gravel, debris, rubble and dirt. Wheel loaders are highly maneuverable and can move over various types of terrain. They are an excellent choice for large landscaping jobs because they have more power than a skid steer or skid loader.


Backhoes are powerful excavation machines with front and back digging capabilities. You can dig deep into the ground and complete the following landscaping tasks:

  • Uproot and move trees
  • Transport heavy materials such as dirt, rocks, gravel and boulders
  • Pave roads and parking lots

Key Attachments

Landscaping equipment attachments expand a machine’s capabilities, letting you reach more spaces, break through tougher ground and transport heavier materials. The following machine attachments are incredibly beneficial in landscape work:

  • Trench digging attachment: A trench digging attachment attaches to a skid steer or excavator to create trenches.
  • Stump grinder: A stump grinder attachment grinds tree stumps to produce mulch. Attach a stump grinder to a skid steer or track loader to quickly eliminate tree stumps from a site and produce useful mulch.
  • Wood chipper: A wood chipper attachment is similar to a stump grinder, but it grinds smaller materials such as leaves, twigs and branches. Attach a wood chipper to landscaping equipment to clear materials from areas and repurpose them as mulch.
  • Tree spade: Attach a tree spade to a wheel loader or track loader to remove trees from the ground while keeping root balls intact to transplant the trees to a new location.
  • Rotary brush cutter: Attach a rotary brush cutter to a skid steer allows you to mow land easily and remove materials such as stumps and trees.
  • Digging bucket: A digging bucket breaks, lifts and transports materials. The larger a digging bucket is, the heavier materials it can work with.
  • Excavator ripper: An excavator ripper is also known as a frost ripper tooth. It attaches to an excavator and breaks through ground that a digging bucket can’t break through.
  • Rake riddle bucket: A rake riddle bucket rakes loose debris from areas, leaving a clear site to work with. You can attach a rake riddle bucket to an excavator to remove materials such as rocks, roots, stones, weeds and twigs from a job site.

Choosing Between Landscape Equipment Rentals and Purchases

Deciding between renting or purchasing landscape equipment depends on your company’s needs. Finding landscape equipment for rent is convenient because it allows you to utilize and pay for machines only when you need them and eliminates the need for ongoing maintenance and long-term storage.

Landscaping rental equipment is ideal if you use certain machines infrequently and rely on them for minimal jobs. However, you should consider seeking landscape equipment for sale if you need to use machines frequently.

Purchase High-Quality Landscaping Equipment From H.O. Penn Machinery

Landscaping equipment efficiently removes materials from job sites, digs into the ground and prepares areas for alterations. With the right machines and attachments, you can complete jobs on time and deliver excellent results. If you are searching for landscaping equipment near you, H.O. Penn has a wide selection of high-quality machinery to choose from.

We offer landscaping rental equipment and landscaping machines for sale, so you can complete your jobs with precision and power. We also offer services to help your equipment remain in top shape and last longer. Our highly-trained technicians have the knowledge and experience to keep your machines operating effectively and efficiently. Contact H.O. Penn to learn more about our landscaping equipment inventory and find the right machines for your needs.

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