Emissions Upgrade Group (EUG)

Emissions Upgrade Group (EUG)

What is an Emissions Upgrade Group (EUG)?

Picture-of-an-EUG-KitAn Emissions Upgrade Group is an innovative use of previously certified emissions technology. Emissions Upgrade Groups help you lower emissions from your existing engines to meet strict state and local emissions requirements. A EUG includes the components necessary to upgrade an engine to an improved emissions level. The components that make up a EUG typically include an upgraded turbocharger, fuel pump/governor, nozzles, cylinder pack, after-coolers (if applicable), and installation parts. The upgrade groups are released as kits and can be used by Caterpillar dealers during engine overhaul. The servicing dealer must follow specific installation instructions and submit a validation form to Caterpillar in order to receive an emissions label for the engine.

How does it work?

Emissions Upgrade Groups utilize your current engine core. A range of upgrade options is available. Existing parts are replaced with new emissions-critical components that deliver lower emissions. The engine, marked with an emissions label, will be equipped with an indicator in the field that it achieves lower emissions levels. The engine will receive a new arrangement number and information label and get the same proven components used in later model engines.

What engine models are available?

Diesel 3300 – Emissions Upgrade Groups are available for a vast majority of 3306 off-highway applications. The 3306 EUG is on the US EPA verified technologies list at http://www.epa.gov/otaq/retrofit/verif-list.htm.
Diesel 3400 – Emissions Upgrade Groups are available for a vast majority of 3406 off-highway applications. This solution is not US EPA verified today.
Diesel 3500 – Emissions Upgrade Groups are currently being developed.

What are the warranty and ESC (Extended Service Contract) options?

All engines carry the standard parts warranty and emissions component warranty. The Cat® Insurance Engine Emissions Retrofit Extended Program is a program that is available to customers through all U.S. dealers. The Caterpillar dealer must perform the entire emission retrofit.

Can an Emissions Upgrade Group be installed during a CCR or CPT procedure?

Yes. During a CCR (Cat Certified Rebuild) or CPT (Certified Power Train) is an ideal time to retrofit a EUG, Repower and/or aftertreatment solution to reduce emissions in an existing machine.

What is the process for installing a EUG?

  1.  Read the Special Instruction
  2. Order parts for the Emissions Upgrade Group and overhaul
  3. Complete the overhaul and EUG installation
  4. Run engine on dynamometer
  5. Submit validation form prior to installing engine in vehicle
  6. Create SIMS entry. Update DBS.
  7. Install engine labels

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