Asphalt Recycling in Roadbuilding: Sustainable Practices With Reclaimer Machines

As many industries move toward environmentally conscious practices, the construction industry is also starting to embrace sustainability. When it comes to road building, the use of reclaimer machines in asphalt recycling offers a sustainable approach to the entire process.

How Are Reclaimer Machines Used in Asphalt Recycling?

A reclaimer machine is a specialized type of construction equipment that’s used to pulverize the old asphalt layer on a road’s surface and mix it with underlying materials to produce an even surface.

During the road or pavement reclamation, the reclaimer uses asphalt emulsions or other binding agents to hold the ground-up and base materials together. Then, the asphalt reclaimer discharges the mixture and produces a stabilized base for a new road surface.

Minimizing Environmental Impact With Reclaimers

With the increase in sustainability practices, there is a necessity for reducing the environmental impact of road construction. Asphalt reclaimers play a significant role in sustainable road building. Here are the different ways this machinery contributes to sustainable construction practices:

  • Recycled materials: These machines reclaim asphalt and the underlying base of the road, which minimizes waste and reduces the need to source and use new raw materials.
  • Reduced emissions: Some reclaimer machine models are designed to use less fuel and materials, resulting in lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Additional Benefits of Using Reclaimer Machines

Reclaimers are vital pieces of equipment in road construction. Aside from the environmental benefits they provide, this machinery also offers other advantages, including:

Cost-Effective Solution

Using reclaimers for roadbuilding can help save costs. The machines use recycled and reclaimed materials, which is less costly than sourcing new materials. Plus, the process requires less time and labor than the traditional method, translating to an overall cost-effective project.

Saves Time

Compared to traditional methods, which involve excavation and reconstruction, a reclaimer machine significantly streamlines the process of rehabilitating roads. These machines combine various processes, such as grinding, mixing and laying down a new surface. As a result, downtime is minimized, and projects are completed faster.

Improves Road Quality

Pavement reclamation addresses issues such as cracks or potholes, producing an even, stabilized base for a new road. When reclaimers are used to repair and resurface existing roadways, the surface becomes more durable and extends the life span of the road.

Choose High-Quality Road Reclaimers From H.O. Penn Machinery

Choose High-Quality Road Reclaimers From H.O. Penn Machinery

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