The Role of Skid Steers in Agriculture

Farmers have many tasks to complete, and a skid steer loader makes many of these jobs more manageable. A skid steer has fixed wheels and turns by skidding to the left and right. Farm skid steers are a versatile option for agricultural operations, saving time and money while getting the work done.

What Is a Skid Steer Used for?

You can do many jobs with a skid steer, including:

Material Handling

Farmers can use skid steer loaders to move materials. Skid steers have a low center of gravity, so these machines can haul heavy loads while remaining stable over challenging terrains. The bucket on a skid steer can carry:

  • Feed
  • Dirt
  • Rocks
  • Plant matter
  • Sand
  • Clay
  • Soil
  • Tree stumps
  • Bark mulch

Livestock Management

A skid steer can assist with the various farm jobs that take care of your animals, including:

  • Feed management: A skid steer can load and unload hay, mix and deliver food rations and disperse feed. You can also use the skid steer to transport feed from the storage building to the livestock.
  • Hay baling: If you grow hay on your farm, a skid steer can assist with hay cultivation and management. If you buy hay, the skid steer can transport the bulky and heavy bales and bags.
  • Stall cleanup: A skid steer can scrape pens, clean feeding areas and spread manure. This versatility makes cleaning and maintaining your farm more efficient.


Managing the vegetation around your farm keeps your property looking tidy. With a skid steer, you can:

  • Trim or clear hedges: With an attachment, a skid steer can remove small bushes and trim trees.
  • Mow the grass: Skid steers with mower attachments can cut grass, plants and tree stocks, while brushcutters mulch the vegetation to fertilize the ground.
  • Clear snow: In the winter, a skid steer with a snowplow can clear snow from the roadways.


When you need to build a new structure or repair your infrastructure, your skid steer does the job. A skid steer can help you:

  • Build a fence: A skid steer can install post holes, drive in posts, remove old posts and clear wire and brush.
  • Maintain roads: Your skid steer can fix potholes, improve drainage and spread gravel.
  • Construct a building: Skid steers can level and grade the building site and transport building materials to build a new barn or shed.

Attachments for Skid Steers on Farms

The various attachment options allow you to complete different tasks. Instead of buying or renting a separate machine, you can use a skid steer attachment to complete various jobs on the farm. As a result, the versatility of the skid steer saves you money. Attachment options include:

Benefits of Skid Steer Loaders on a Farm

Skid steers offer many advantages for agricultural operations, including:

  • Maneuverability: The tracks can navigate rugged terrains with ease, and a compact build has a small turning radius to navigate tight spaces.
  • Functionality: Various attachments allow you to complete many different jobs with one machine.
  • Efficiency: Farmers can use their skid steer for various tasks to get work done faster and be more productive.

Learn More About Farm Skid Steers

H.O. Penn Machinery has new skid steers and used skid steers for sale. You can also rent a skid steer for a short-term project. Call 845-448-0018 or contact us online to learn more or find an H.O. Penn location.

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