How to Safely Excavate

Excavation and earthmoving tasks can be challenging without the use of the proper equipment. That’s where our versatile digging equipment and accessories come in. Cat® equipment gets used for construction, demolition, agriculture, landscaping, roadwork, mining and septic system installation.

Our diggers are not just machines. They’re your reliable partners designed to easily remove large amounts of earth or other materials in various projects and challenging terrains.

Call Before You Dig

Is an excavation project coming up soon? Call 811 before you dig in New York or Connecticut, or use Exactix to identify the location of underground utility lines such as gas, power or water. Accidental damage of utilities could lead to costly delays or dangerous situations for you and your crew. Utility companies can visit your job site and mark where lines are sitting underground.

Use Tools to Dig Safely

Our advanced accessories and attachments make digging easier and safer. Adding accessories to your equipment enhances their value and saves time in projects. Choose from different digging depths, operating weights and engine power for the best results. If your project has high digging demands, take a look at our fleet of new excavators.

Other new equipment we offer for digging includes dozerstrack loaders and wheel loaders. Looking for something else? Take a look at all our construction equipment on offer.

Follow Other Excavation Safety Tips

Excavation safety is not just a requirement — it’s a responsibility. It’s about taking proactive measures to prevent accidents and injuries during excavation work. Other than calling before you dig, you need to do a few other steps for digging safely, which include:

  • Train workers: Ensure all workers involved in the dig are properly trained on excavation safety procedures and emergency response protocols to prevent accidents.
  • Use shoring and sloping systems: Implement shoring and sloping systems to prevent cave-ins.
  • Control access: Restrict excavation access to authorized personnel only using barriers or fencing.
  • Use protective equipment: Provide appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), such as eye, ear and head protection.

Find a local dealer near you to dig safely in New York or Connecticut. Our 24/7 field service technicians back our rental machines. If you need repair or maintenance work on the job, we can assist you.

Grow Your Fleet With H.O. Penn Machinery

Cat equipment operates effectively in rugged environments while maintaining stability for operators. We offer equipment protection plans for new machines to cover or repair damage.

If you want to add new, used, or rental Cat equipment to your fleet, contact us today or call 845-448-0018 for a free quote. You can also choose from one of our locations to chat with our staff.

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