Types of Road Construction and Paving Equipment

Whether walking down the street or driving to work, people use the results produced by asphalt paving equipment every day. These machines are integral to countless projects, from roadways to parking lots and everything in between.

You’ll find the following types of road construction equipment on most sites related to producing or repairing paved surfaces.

Motor Graders

Motor graders might be one of the most useful tools on a paving site. These high-efficiency machines are designed to create flat soil surfaces that are ready for asphalt. They use an adjustable blade called a moldboard between their front and back wheels, which is raised and lowered to leave behind an even layer. Aside from constructing roads, this heavy equipment is also useful for:

  • Creating building foundations
  • Relocating snow
  • Spreading loose materials
  • Building drainage ditches

Asphalt Pavers

Before being completely compacted down by a roller, asphalt is spread and smoothed by asphalt pavers. After having a dump truck load the material into its hopper, the paver uses a conveyor to transfer it to the auger in front of the screed. From there, the auger will transfer a supply of asphalt in front of a screed for level spreading it is then compacted and smoothed by the roller. These machines are used to create the following and similar areas:

  • Driveways
  • Parking lots
  • Industrial sites
  • Recreation courts
  • Roads
  • Sidewalks


Construction professionals use compactors to compress and flatten soil, sand and gravel. The many compactor types and sizes allow you to find the right tool for large and small jobs. One of the most common types is the plate compactor, which works much like a push mower. Its heavy, vertically vibrating plate places extreme force on the soil using hydraulics. Another type of compactor is the road roller, which uses a large rotating cylinder to support paving on more expansive road work projects.


Excavators are staples at road construction sites. They feature a long hydraulic arm that accepts attachments like buckets, rippers, thumbs, grapples, hammers and augers. Thanks to their broad attachment compatibility, excavators can tackle various projects, from repaving roads to carrying away rubble and debris. They’re also built with a rotating cabin, allowing for ample maneuverability in almost any environment.

Wheel Loaders

You’ll likely see wheel loaders at every construction site thanks to their versatility. This type of road construction equipment uses a front-loading bucket and durable wheels to transport asphalt piles across the work site. Like an excavator, it can accept many attachments — options like asphalt cutters and stump grinders make the wheel loader perfect for various project stages. These machines vary in size from compact to large, with the biggest models boasting operating weights of over 500,000 pounds.

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