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If your engines aren’t meeting operational standards, that doesn’t mean you have to replace them. You can extend your machinery’s power, performance, and service life with innovative engine kits. When you have all the parts and components necessary to rebuild your engine, you can experience lasting functionality and efficiency.

At H.O. Penn Machinery, we carry an extensive assortment of engine kit options from Caterpillar that set the standard for value and reliability. We’re dedicated to providing customers with products that demonstrate exceptional performance and exceed industry expectations.

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Our Cat® engine kits contain all the parts and components necessary to deliver a high-quality rebuild, whether you’re performing a basic repair or a complete overhaul. With a state-of-the-art engine overhaul kit in your grasp, you can extend your engine’s lifespan while improving its performance. Our comprehensive assortment is designed to optimize popular Cat engine models, such as the C16, C15, C13, C12, C10, and C7, making executing your rebuilds easier and more efficient than ever.

We carry four next-level engine kit options for you to choose from based on your needs.

Cat Truck Engine Kit Levels


The Bronze overhaul kit makes low-cost repairs with an extensive array of powerful and affordable engine parts. This kit features all the standard value-added components you need for any engine rebuild, including parts you may not typically think to replace, such as:

There are no core charges when you purchase the Bronze engine overhaul kit.


If you’re looking for a basic in-frame overhaul kit with a comprehensive inventory of parts and components, consider the Silver engine overhaul kit. This top-of-the-line rebuild kit includes all-new, unassembled components with no core charges. It features every part you get with the Bronze kit, along with these additional pieces:


The Cat Gold overhaul kit is one of our most versatile solutions yet. This product contains the core parts from the Bronze kit, making it ideal for standard in-frame overhauls. In addition, it also comes with six Cat Reman cylinder pack assemblies featuring preassembled rings, liners, rods and pistons, enabling you to save between four and six hours of labor while rebuilding your engine compared to the silver kit.


The Cat Platinum kit is among the best engine rebuild kits on the market. This all-inclusive offering includes every part you’d get with the Gold kit, plus a Cat Reman water pump, fuel injectors, oil pump and cylinder head assembly. The Platinum overhaul kit is designed to optimize performance and fuel economy while maximizing the built-in second or even third life of your machine’s engine.

Benefits of Engine Rebuild Kits

Investing in engine kits from H.O. Penn means experiencing all the advantages of these innovative assortments:

  • Cost savings: Purchasing an engine overhaul kit means getting your components for up to 20% less than you would if you were to buy them individually. Our Bronze and Silver kits come with no core charges.
  • Exhaustive assortment: No matter which engine kit option you choose, you’ll get all the exact components you need to service your particular engine model.
  • Faster rebuilds: When you invest in the Gold or Platinum overhaul kits, you’ll receive preassembled parts that make for considerably faster rebuilds.
  • Delivery options: Our Cat engine kits are available with quick shipping and over-the-counter pickup options.


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For reliable rebuilds, invest in engine overhaul kits from H.O. Penn. It’s our goal to create the most value for our customers by staying ahead of the competition.

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