Hudson Valley Hardscapes

HUDSON VALLEY HARDSCAPES EVOLVES FROM LAWN CARE TO HARDSCAPES As a 16-year-old high school student, Tom Taylor took a traditional path into the landscaping business. Mowing lawns in the mid-Hudson Valley of New York provided steady work, but didn’t involve a lot of creativity. But things took a fortuitous turn in 2016 when a homeowner asked him to build a paver walkway. “It was a very simple walkway,” recalls Taylor, the owner of Hudson Valley Hardscapes. “I learned so much from building it, and I thought about how I could become more creative building them. “Then another client asked me to build another one. I started looking into magazines and researching, and realized you can be so much more creative with these projects than just the basic materials. And I just grew it from there.” Building on his experience, Taylor launched Hudson Valley Hardscapes in 2018. Based in Pine Bush, N.Y., he and his team focus on outdoor living design and built hardscapes. Located 75 miles north of New York City, Hudson Valley Hardscapes builds simple entryways to backyard retreats. Taylor strives to create unique, custom outdoor living spaces and landscapes, and studies industry standards for all installations to ensure that projects are built to last. He designs projects in 3D so customers can see what the finished hardscape will look like before construction begins. The renderings are all drawn to scale making the space feel realistic. With these drawings, Taylor can create detailed site plans, elevation maps, and material take-offs for accurate and efficient work flow. Hudson Valley Hardscapes is also a certified installer by the industry’s leading paver and wall manufacturer, Techo-Bloc, which requires rigorous contractor screening to make sure projects are built to current specifications. Being a Pro Contractor enables Hudson Valley Hardscapes to offer special financing to its customers through Techo-Bloc’s “Pave Now, Pay Later” financing program. “Plants are the finishing touch to a hardscape project,” Taylor adds. “They make spaces feel softer and more natural and it’s something we always encourage in an outdoor living space.”

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