Caterpillar® leads the way when it comes to the design and manufacturing of industrial power equipment — Cat® engines are the product of more than 75 years of innovation and expertise. As the exclusive Cat dealer for southern New York and Connecticut, H.O. Penn Power Systems is your one-stop source for world-class industrial power systems from the global heavy equipment leader. With a Cat engine powering your equipment, you'll complete your projects faster and more efficiently than ever.

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You'll Find a Wide Variety of Cat Industrial Diesel Engines

Our selection includes an assortment of Cat diesel engines in numerous sizes, configurations and power capacities — there's a Cat product for just about every industrial or commercial application.

We feature diesel power units for highly regulated environments with stringent emissions compliance standards, as well as engines designed for lesser- and non-regulated environments. All models deliver the reliable power, unmatched performance and industry-best fuel efficiency you've come to expect from the Caterpillar brand.

Clean-Burning Gas Engines Are Also Available

Caterpillar also produces clean and efficient gas-powered industrial engines that can provide a suitable alternative to diesel for many applications. Gas engines offer the flexibility to burn a variety of gaseous fuels, which can help companies meet their environmental and cost requirements. Our gas engines will allow you to fulfill these needs without sacrificing performance or reliability.

We Offer Complete Industrial Power Systems for Sale

If you're looking for more than just an engine, H.O. Penn Power Systems is your headquarters in southern New York and Connecticut for a complete industrial power unit. These packages include an engine, flywheel, alternator, radiator and wiring. You'll get a turnkey system that comes preassembled and ready to install, which saves time and labor.

Cat Industrial Power Equipment Can Handle the Most Challenging Conditions

Cat industrial power systems have proved their mettle in some of the most severe environments on planet Earth — ranging from the relentless heat of the desert to the unforgiving subzero temperatures of the Arctic. Regardless of the conditions, they deliver the reliable power and dependable performance you need to keep your projects on schedule and your operating costs under control. You'll get more work done in less time, lower your fuel expenses and meet emissions requirements.

You'll Have Access to World-Class Support Every Step of the Way

All of our industrial power equipment for sale comes with the best service and support in the region. Our in-house power system professionals can help you select the right product for your applications and even assist you with system design if needed. We can also perform a fast and flawless installation at your facility or job site and conduct testing to ensure the unit meets your specifications.

Check Out Our Cat Industrial Power System Solutions

Take a moment to explore the dozens of industrial power equipment options available at H.O. Penn. Feel free to contact us online or give us a call at 845-448-0018 for additional information or to receive a no-obligation quote today.

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