Equipment Needed for Clearing Land

Land clearing is an essential first step when preparing sites for construction or other purposes. The process requires an assortment of heavy equipment that can perform this demanding task quickly and efficiently.

H.O. Penn Machinery can meet all your land clearing equipment needs in Southern New York and Connecticut. We offer a wide selection of high-quality machines and attachments for sale and rent, and we back every transaction with the superior service we’ve provided for over a century.

Types of Land Clearing Equipment

H.O. Penn offers various equipment types to help you overcome any land clearing challenge. Our options include:

  • Site prep tractors: If your site contains rocks, logs, trees or other large obstacles over expansive areas of flat terrain, these powerful wheeled machines can help you clear them.
  • Skid steers: These compact, highly maneuverable loaders are perfect for picking up, transferring and transporting smaller debris.
  • Excavators: Many land clearing sites require extensive digging and other demanding tasks like uprooting trees and backfilling. Excavators provide the power, stability and versatility required to execute these operations.
  • Bulldozers: With their remarkable power, expansive front blades and ground-hugging tracks, dozers allow you to push all types of debris into piles for convenient pickup. They can also dig into rocky terrain.
  • Backhoes: The versatility of a backhoe loader makes it a land clearing job site staple. It can serve as a tractor, wheel loader or excavator to help you clear rocks, dirt, stumps and even smaller trees.

Land Clearing Attachments

Many of these land clearing machines are compatible with various attachments that enhance their versatility and functionality at your job sites. Examples include grapples for grasping and piling debris and stump grinders for pulverizing tree stumps and removing their root systems. If you need to clear large areas of dense vegetation, attachments like flail mowers, brush hogs and forestry mulchers will add value to your operations.

Why Purchase or Rent Land Clearing Equipment From Us?

Besides offering a large selection of land clearing machines and attachments, H.O. Penn delivers the exceptional service your business demands and deserves. With more than 400 employees across multiple convenient locations in Southern New York and Connecticut, we can be responsive to any customer’s needs.

Whether you need help choosing equipment, pairing it with the appropriate attachments or receiving timely repairs and maintenance, you can always count on us to deliver.

Call us at 845-448-0018 or contact us online to explore your land clearing equipment options today.

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