Common Diesel Generator Applications

Diesel generators are the longstanding source for many commercial, military and business operations. They’re big and capable of handling large power loads, making them a popular option both as a backup to existing power and as their own portable power source.

Companies in almost every major industry find uses for these powerful generators in their operations. If you’re unsure whether a diesel generator is the right choice for your needs, explore below how many industries put them to work in daily and emergency applications.

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The Benefits of Diesel Generators

So, what makes a diesel generator the preferred choice over other generator types? While varieties such as natural gas generators often come with a lower price tag, diesel generators deliver a long list of benefits that compensate for the greater initial investment.

With a diesel generator, you’ll appreciate:

  • A longer life span: Due to the fuel type they use, diesel generators must be constructed with stronger materials than most other designs. They also often come with extra cooling components and larger, more durable parts. These necessities ensure your generator is ready to perform when you need it and promote a lengthy service life.
  • More efficient fuel consumption: Since diesel is a more efficient fuel source than natural gas and other generator power sources, you’ll use less of it while getting the same level of performance.
  • Less noise: Though diesel generators are often larger than other generators, they’re usually much quieter. Less noise pollution in your facility allows for better focus and enhanced productivity.
  • Less maintenance: Just as the durable parts of a diesel generator contribute to a longer life span, they also result in fewer maintenance needs. These models don’t contain as many high-turnover parts, like spark plugs, so though they may cost more upfront, you’ll likely save money over time due to the decreased requirements for repair visits and parts replacements.

Uses of Diesel Generators

In today’s technology-driven era, practically every part of an operation requires electricity in one way or another. Diesel generators ensure minimal workflow interruptions, even in the event of widespread power failures. That’s why they play a vital role in many of the modern world’s most demanding industries.


Most commercial establishments keep everything online, from stock counts to security measures. Even a few minutes of lost power can lead to significant delays in assisting customers and completing time-sensitive operations. A diesel generator keeps business running as usual even when your primary power supply is out of commission.


When construction crews are breaking new ground, they can’t always rely on a nearby power source to connect their electrical equipment. Even if there is an existing power grid to draw from, it may not be able to handle all the simultaneous power-drawing operations necessary for the project. Still, those tools are vital to a safe, productive working environment that allows crew members to get their jobs done on time.

A diesel generator is portable, so it can go with a construction team to any site and follow them from project to project. A downed or nonexistent power grid will never be the cause of lost time when workers can simply switch to a strong alternative source.


Manufacturing lines have quotas to meet, and they frequently work with materials that must be processed in a certain way. A lack of power, or even having less power than normal, can lead to inconsistencies in the final output and a lesser-quality result. More than hurting productivity, even one run that results in low-quality products can damage consumer relationships and hurt profits in the long run.

A powerful diesel source with a consistent energy supply helps ensure that customers get the same quality every time, contributing to strong, lucrative relationships.

Oil and Gas

Operations like drilling and pumping require a strong supply of energy — sometimes in areas with no power grid available. Since the machinery involved in drilling generates a high degree of demand, this is an area in which diesel generators excel. Oil and gas are necessary for powering our world, and diesel generators are sometimes the only solution to help drilling companies finish the job with minimal strain on the surrounding resources.


Like the oil and gas industry, mining usually involves work in locations that don’t have easy access to a power source unless the company brings one along. Diesel generators are necessary to allow heavy equipment to drill deep within the earth and reach those natural treasures a company is searching for.

Power Plants

Power plants are vital for entire communities, towns and cities. They need reliable primary and backup power sources to keep their customers happy and ensure critical infrastructure maintains power access in the case of failure. Diesel generators are often the only choice powerful enough to fit these needs.

Real Estate Properties

During the process of selling a home, a realtor may be dealing with electrical transitions that leave the property without power for some time. To highlight the best parts of the structure in open houses and showings, electricity is vital for making a good impression. Having a backup generator that can keep the whole house running will likely improve chances of getting an offer or making a sale.

Similarly, landlords are often responsible for ensuring their tenants have all the necessary utilities to run their homes, and that includes electricity. In the event of a local power outage, a diesel generator can help property managers continue to perform their duties.

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