Cat® Self Service Options (SSO)

If you’re a heavy equipment owner who prefers to perform your own minor repairs and maintenance, Cat® Self-Service Options (SSOs) provide everything you need to get the job done right. With the correct parts, instructions, and technical support in one convenient package, you’ll have all the necessary tools to get your machine in peak operating condition quickly.

At H.O. Penn, we offer various Cat Self-Service Options kits for a broad equipment range, including dozers, excavators, backhoe loaders, motor graders, and more. Our simple ordering process makes it easy for you to customize your kit according to your repair application’s needs. If you require assistance building your self-service package or deciding which option is best for you, our knowledgeable and experienced staff is ready to help.

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Cat® Self-Service Options for Repairs and Maintenance

Even though the H.O. Penn service team is always available to perform your repairs, doing the job yourself sometimes makes more sense.  Cat Self-Service Options allow experienced do-it-yourselfers to handle simple repairs without setting up a service visit. With these kits, you can save time and give your equipment the attention it needs right away.

Caterpillar has already developed SSOs for over 300 equipment models and continues to roll out additional options. You can purchase an SSO for specific equipment components and systems like batteries, cooling systems, engines, hydraulics, undercarriages and more.

When you order an SSO kit, some of the components you’ll receive include:

  • Genuine Cat parts: Your package will contain the new or remanufactured Cat parts you need to complete the repair, all backed by the standard warranty from Caterpillar.
  • Instructions: We’ll include detailed instructions on how to complete your repair or maintenance procedure, including safety guidelines, contamination control practices and cleanup suggestions.
  • Tool recommendations: The instructions outline the best tools to complete each job. If you don’t have the right tools, you can order them from us for speedy delivery.
  • Technical support: Our team can provide the advice you need for completing your repair, whether you have a simple question or run into a problem during the procedure.

How to Place an Order for Cat Self-Service Options

Purchasing a self-service option kit requires just a few simple steps:

  1. Navigate to our online store and click on the Add Equipment icon beside the search box.
  2. Add your equipment’s serial number to locate your specific machine, and click the icon with three dots to expand the menu. Choose the Shop Parts feature to find your kit.
  3. On your equipment’s model page, select the self-service option to see all the kits available for your machine. The listings will also contain the repair details, like each kit’s estimated completion time and recommended skill level.
  4. After submitting your order, you’ll receive an order confirmation and an estimated delivery date once your self-service options kit ships.

Access to everything you need in a few simple clicks makes performing your own repairs and maintenance easier than ever.

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Since 1921, H.O. Penn has delivered superior heavy equipment solutions to our long list of customers throughout New York and Connecticut. Our self-service option kits are just another example of the many outstanding Cat products we offer. Stop by one of our locations or contact us online today to learn more.

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